Saturday, November 28, 2009

Presents to me!

My birthday was this week. Last year I was turning 3o, which means this year I'm 29 again. Last year their were lots of things I wanted...their are still lots of things I want. I made a list of some present ideas and had faithful readers of this blog (all 3 of you) vote. Thanks for voting here were your choices:

1. Living room couch
2. CZ earrings
3. i-pod
4. Guitar
5. Kitchen Aid Mixer
6. Hawaiian vacation
7. New Lap Top
8. New fingernail
(this last on is in reference to this event)

Most of you voted for a Hawaiian vacation which would have been nice. For my actual birthday present I ended up getting CZ earrings. But in the passing 365+ days since my last year I've managed to score most of the items on my original list. Here is an update!

1. Living room couch - Grandma's old couch Feb 2009
2. CZ earrings - Birthday last year
3. ipod - Birthday this year (BE EXCITED!)
4. Guitar - I stole my parents guitar back.
5. Kitchen Aid Mixer - Christmas 2009 (sale pending)
6. Hawaiian vacation - still a dream away...sigh
7. New Lap Top - birthday last year
8. New fingernail - still not as good as new but close.

If you read that last list closely you will realize that I have an ipod. Yep! I'm in club ipod! or club apple or something nerdy/cool. That was my birthday present this year! Hurray!

Having an ipod has never been a top priority although I've always thought it might be nice to have one. But I'm not a very spendy girl. I would convince myself it wasn't worth the money with arguments like this: I've run 100'ds of miles with out one. They cost so much money! They are so trendy. You hate headphones...But finally I caved. The hardest part was picking out the color. They have so many! Here are a few:

But I finally picked this yellow one. Yellow is my favorite color. I've spent all day playing with it instead of studying. I'm kind of excited!
Books on Tape/CD are a big part of my life. Now made easier!
And then their is music. That is kind important to me too.


Kristin said...

I love how you pretended that all the different colors were even options! I didn't even have to scroll down to know what color you would pick. I am excited for you! My life has never been the same since the day I met my first ipod.

Evenstar said...

Be careful when you visit us or Eden will steal your "lellow" ipod!

Chris M said...

I was exactly the same, I felt that an iPod was too expensive, but I also caved and I have really enjoyed having it :)

Happy for you!

Sugarsmax said...

Happy Birthday! Glad we could contribute!

Seventh Child said...

Happy Birthday Joanie! I am Glad that you are doing so well.