Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lake Como ITALY!

We left Bavaria and drove down through Austria and Switzerland past Lichtenstein to Italy.  I wish I'd taken more pictures of the swiss Alps, it was breathtaking!  

In Lake Como we'd planned to stay at George Clooney's house, but sadly he was off shooting in some remote location, so we had to rain check.  We settled for a cheep hostel instead.  This hostel was great!  It had clean sheets a private bathroom (very appreciated by the pregnant lady) and a bed for each of us! Hurray!  

Lake Como is pretty much the stuff dreams are made off, or Hollywood movies since our overly stimulated brains don't do any of our own dreaming any more.  

Lake Como Italy

Pregnant me and Lake Como

We had cereal on a park bench overlooking the lake for Breakfast.    We travel on a budget!  One restaurant per day!

We walked along the little villages exploring Belagio as recommended by Rick Steves.  Italy is so enchanting.

I could NOT get enough of the tiny Italian alley ways.  

Spencer didn't share my passion for alley ways or constant picture taking but he's a good sport.   

In our car we drove around the lake and then loaded up onto the ferry to cross.  

A holding the camera shot and the busy ferries in the back ground.  

The Ferry had great views of the lake. 

Not even Eric could complain about the view.  
Spencer and his friend Michael Johnson.  He's working as a Lawyer in Munich but he is from Utah.  He decided to come along for the trip.  Don't ask him if he has a girl friend.  It is apparently a very touchy subject.  Poor poor guy.  

The enchanting village of Belagio on the banks of Lake Como.  

If I weren't in Italy I'd be teaching 9th graders how to conjugate German verbs.
I do love my job but....I think you can guess that at this moment I was pretty happy to be in Italy.  

Little Baby won't remember Italy at all.  Or Spain.  Or Switzerland.  Or Morocco.  Or Germany.  Poor kid.   
We couldn't leave Italy with out some authentic Italian pizza.  
Stay tuned for the next chapter....Swiss alps and skiing at 7 1/2 months pregnant!


Evenstar said...

Great picture of you by Lake Como. You look beautiful!

The Queen Prawn said...

Joanie, you look so pretty. Just a little note my roommate saw an ad where you can rent the country of Lichtenstein for two days for about half a million dollars. Crazy, huh?

The Morton's said...

Lake Como is one of Jason and I's favorite places on Earth. SOOOO DREAMY!!!!!!! This posts makes me want to go back sooo bad!!!!

Lynze said...

Isn't Lake Como the best?! Kim and I went a few years ago, and I think that I have a picture in some of those very same alleyways. So jealous right now!

Stacy said...

You're making me miss Italy tremendously.