Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is the Baby a Boy or Girl?

That is everyone first question when they see me waddling along.  Spencer swears I don't waddle, but I think he is just trying to stay on my good side, which is harder and harder to do the bigger and bigger I get.  

To this question I give my standard response:  "We don't know.  We decided not to find out."

You should see the looks I get.

Shock.  Horror.  Disbelief.

No one waits to find out anymore.  We asked the ultra sound technician how many people didn't find out.  He said 1 in 50.  In our Lamaze class we are the only couple (of 15 couples) who doesn't know pink or blue.  At my work there are 4 pregnant ladies.  I'm the only one with a question mark hanging over her uterus.

How can you dooooo that?  Don't you want to know so you can plan?  What about a nursery?

I can see wanting to find out if you are planning on buying lots of stuff while you are pregnant but I"m planning on buying NOTHING.  Baby is due in 20+ days and so far the baby has the following items most of which are borrowed from my little sister the birthing machine:

  • bassinet - I'll get a crib later
  • car seat -borrowed
  • bike seat - obviously a necessity in this biking family
  • breast pump - technically this belongs to me, but as we will be sharing my boobs I'll let baby share claim
  • dresser - the old dresser I used as a baby
  • 2 blankets - one is yellow (unisex) one is rainbow (also unisex) also belonged to me as a baby
  • 1 pair of newborn jeans
  • 1 bronco jersey - a gift from my sister back when we were bronco fans
  • 1 adorable on the go changing kit - a present from a students mom. 
  • yellow booties - also gift from students mom
  • the outfit that I came home from the hospital wearing - I can't believe my mom saved it

Realistically before Baby is born I'll have to busy some things, but really I can count those on one hand.

  • newborn diapers, 
  • pacifier (I'm not a fan of the word binky) 
  • package of onesies, 
  • socks

Baby will come in the summer so I don't need to worry about warm clothing right away.

As for a nursery.....That is a future post.

As much as we want to make everything perfect for our coming babies - let's face it - a baby will sleep in a box.  It doesn't care what color the nursery is.  It doesn't care if it is wearing designer outfits.

It does care that you hold it, and rock it and love it.  For the first few weeks Baby and I are going to play recluse and get to know one another.  By that point I'll know whether or not to get pink or blue.  Also, although I realize I am being exceptionally pragmatic in this post I do hope by that point our "nursery"  will look a little less like a bike garage.  (future post.)

For us the excitement of being surprised at the birth far outweighed the advantages of finding out before so one can plan.

But the bottom line is....when it is YOUR can do whatever you want!

So what do you think?  Did all of you find out? or will you find out?  Did anyone else wait to be surprised?


Evenstar said...

Hi. I think it's a girl.

Cali said...

Josh and I didn't find out the gender with Piper until she was born and we thought it was awesome! We loved it. With baby #2 we found out the gender and I think it is much more exciting to wait. The reason we found out with baby #2 is because frankly, you get more stuff (especially clothes) if you find out the gender before the baby is born and we are cheap.

Oh, and I'd probably get wipes too before the baby comes:)

The Queen Prawn said...
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The Queen Prawn said...

I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. A surprise sounds cool. But this is also something my future (distant)husband and I will discuss.
I think it is a boy and will be born on May 29th. That doesn't make sense they should buy things that apply to both sexes that way it can go for any of the following babies.
I remember last summer the only swim diapers were for girls. So poor Hyrum had to go to the pool in pink (yuck). If it had been unisex there would have been no need for such indignity.

Missy said...

We found out. The suspense was killing me! I'm just not patient enough to wait.

And we didn't buy much either. You really don't need all of the stuff they say you will need, it's a marketing ploy posed on emotionally vulnerable pregnant women. Get the basics and shop on a needs basis after the baby is born.

Seventh Child said...

I think it will be a beautiful little baby girl. And I think I like the idea of not knowing, it gives an element of surprise!

Sarah said...

Honestly, It's a surprise when you find out at the ultrasound too. I was one of those that needed to know so that I could start to think of the baby as a person rather than an it. It helped with with picking out a name and feeling more connected. To each their own.

Crystal Escobar said...

I think that is SO cool that you are waiting to find out. Wish I was that patient. I think it would be so fun and exciting to find out the day you deliver.
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The Blind Spot said...

Mein Bauchgefühl tendiert irgendwie immer noch zu einem Jungen, aber wir werden sehen. Ich finde es gut, dass du so pragmatisch an die Sache herangehst. Ich würde auch nicht Tausend Sachen in rosa oder hellblau haben wollen, gelb und hellbraun und -grün sind doch viel süßer. Ich weiß allerdings nicht, ob ich die Geduld hätte, bis zur Geburt zu warten, denn ich möchte gern ein Mädchen haben. Wenn ich bereits vorher erfahre, dass es ein Junge wird, dann kann ich mich wenigstens geistig darauf einstellen, dass es zukünftig nur noch um Autos gehen wird ;) Das Wichtigste ist natürlich, dass das Baby gesund ist, alles andere ist zweitrangig. Ich drücke die Daumen, dass alles gut verläuft. Dicken Kuss.