Saturday, April 30, 2011

Europe to SLC

I'm just off of a European Vacation (don't hate me) but still, I've been missing Europe lately. Probably because I know it will be a while before I cross the Atlantic again and if I ever do I'll be dragging kids around.  Needless to say life is about to change for us with baby no. 1 on the way.  But I digress...

Luckily, two of Europe's greats are now or will shortly be available in SLC.

No. 1

I heart Magnum bars.  I make sure to eat one or two or TEN every Europe trip.  I justify the calories with the exotic location.  Now that the glorious Magnum are available at the grocery store one block away from my house I no longer have the -calories don't count in foreign countries- excuse.  I'll have to learn more self control.  Read about Magnum's launch into the US market here.   If you've never tried one....why are you still reading....get up and go buy one now!  (Available at Target and Smiths and lots of other U.S. stores)

No. 2

H&M has long time been one of my favorite clothing stores.  If you've never heard of them (for example I bet my Mom has never heard of H&M) they sell cute but affordable clothes.  H&M has been in the states for a while now, the closest place to SLC being Las Vegas.  (I've never been impressed with the Las Vegas H&M)  Now they are moving to the valley!  Hurray!  Sadly they aren't coming downtown.  Isn't H&M such a downtown store?  I mean seriously what could make the new city creek development better?  read about H&M coming to Utah here.

My No. 3 wish:

If I could only buy the German H-Milk here in the states I'd never have to go to Europe again.  (Of course I'm kidding.) They pasteurizer the milk differently in Germany.  In fact H-milk is sold in boxes and doesn't have to be refrigerated until opened.  I LOVE the taste so much.  In fact I'd go as far s to say that it trumps even my love for Magnum bars.

What do you miss most about Europe?


jonny said...

Macey's has the Magnum bars. I've already gained at least 2 lbs because of them... doh!

I miss the bakery's on every corner!

jonny said...

Oh yeah... and I'm WAY excited that H&M is coming to the mall just a few blocks from my home. Thanks for the news. Way exciting!

Whitney said...

P.S. I've seen H-Milch at the grocery stores in the states. It's in the baking aisle at Wal-Mart. It's even in a box. I can't believe you like it, though. I do not like to drink it. (And Dave and I have been super excited about the Magnum bars!!)

Evenstar said...

Milka bars.

Sugarsmax said...

Church bells. I really think the LDS church should install bells in all of their chapels. After all President Hinckley put the steeples on everywhere. Can you just imagine the thrill of the church bells ringing 3 times a day, calling us all to mass, er, I mean Sacrament meeting.

Seventh Child said...

None so far. But SOMEDAY I will make it.

Crystal Escobar said...

That is SO awesome that you got to go back to Germany before baby number one. I want to go visit there SO bad but now with baby number 3 on the way, doesn't seem like it's really possible for a while. I had only been home from my mission 8 months when I got married, then we got pregnant soon after. I don't necessarily want to take my kids on such a long trip, nor to I want to leave them behind. So the only option really is to wait until they are all older :(
I LOVE love LOVE H&M. My favorite store EVER!