Sunday, March 25, 2012

Skiing into the Big Water Yurt

Before I fully embrace the coming spring I want to pay tribute to some fun winter adventures we've had namely skiing into the Big Water Yurt up Mill creek Canyon.

Our good friends Traci and Christian and hard core skiiers invited us to share their yurt reservation.   Yes you have to get a reservation to sleep in the Yurt.  For more info or to make a reservation click here.

Family photo at the Yurt. 
Skiing into the Yurt was cold, dark and long.  Actually it was pretty miserable. On top of that Spencer and I got in a fight (yes sometimes we fight.)  But once we got into the yurt we cozied up to the fire and everything was just fine.  

By the fire in the Yurt.  Poor Baby G's cheeks got a little red on the way up. 

Traci and Junuh were the perfect yurt hosts. 
The Yurt was toasty warm.  It had a stove and we made lots of trips to the wood pile .  

We had to melt snow for water.  it all tasted like pine needles.  Yummm!

The Yurt had sweet bunk beds.

Don't let this picture fool you.  Sleeping was one thing Baby G didn't do so well.    It made for a long night for all of us. 

Christian returned from his extreme powder skiing adventure.  He is much more hard core than all of us.  

On the way up to the yurt I had Baby G in the snuggly.  On the way down  I set her in the Sled and pulled her. 

She stayed asleep almost the entire trip.  Snow covered peaks and mountain streams were all lost on her. 

No other skiers were pulling a puffy pink nine month old baby in a sled.  One of the extreme skier guys looked at me and said "That is awesome"

Baby G was pretty tuckered out after such a weekend. 

Our nine month old baby and the Big Water Yurt   

We were a little nervous about taking our baby but she loved it (other than sleeping and that was mostly my fault)  As we were packing up to ski back down the mountain, the new yurt tenants skied up to chat.  They thought it was crazy that we brought our baby.  "How old is that baby?"  "You brought your baby!?!?"

Yes I did.  Baby G did great.  I reaffirm my belief that you have to integrate your baby into your lifestyle.  What do you all think?  Do you ski with your children?  Any advice from parents on how to get kids to sleep while camping?  Any Yurt adventure stories?  Do share!


Nancy K. said...

Wow, these pictures are even better than hearing about this adventure! As you know, I don't ski with or without my baby ... but I totally agree that the babes are along for the ride. "Welcome to our family, babe, this is what we do ..." is a good strategy if you ask me! Obviously, there are limits, but not nearly as many as most people think. Good for you! Smooches for Baby G!

Evenstar said...

I love the pictures of you pulling Baby G in the sled.

Karen said...

Awesome! We've been snowshoeing/skiing with our kids since our oldest was under a year. Check this out...
We rent one of these for the little ones from Weber State and I think the U rec dept and a few other outdoor stores rent them as well. The rigid pole system makes it alot easier to pull esp when they get bigger.

alice said...

I am sorry, Baby G's lack of sleep was the grandparent's revenge for the time you cried all night when we went camping.

Mad Hadder said...

Cough medicine?