Sunday, February 21, 2010

German Breakfast

There are many things I miss about living in Germany.
  • I miss seeing castles on every hill
  • I miss winding cobble stone streets
  • I miss German Christmas and Easter traditions.
  • I miss my German friends.
  • I especially miss German food

German food is delicious. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. If you suffer from the misconception that German food is only sausage and sauerkraut then you are as bad as the Germans who believe American food = McDonalds.

Granted I’m not a fan of all German food, but 90% of it is amazing. Meat and fish so fresh it will walk off your plate. Pastries to die for. Literally. Die. It is much less sugary and preservative laden than our food. Germans don’t consider high fructose corn syrup part of a balanced meal.

The Mann and I were wandering through the Draper Harmon’s (the Disneyland of Grocery stores) yesterday and we saw bread that looked almost like Brötchen we couldn’t resist buying it.  This sparked the WONDERFUL idea to do German breakfast. We made another stop to the (Fleischer) meat department and the (kase) Cheese slicer man.

I woke up early this morning and put it all together. It looked beautiful if I do say so my self.

Chances if you are an American with no German experience this will look odd to you. The traditional German breakfast is hard bread rolls (die Brötchen) with butter and meat and cheese or butter and jam, Germans often include a soft boiled eggs on adorable little egg stands I wish I had.  Hot coco, tea or coffee always accompany this meal along with occasional fruit and yogurt.

The best part...  it keeps you full all day!  
You should give it a try!  

And when you do...let me know how it goes!


Evenstar said...

Der Kakao looks yummy! Also der Kase!

TheWarrior said...

Ahh man... You're killing me. I watched some Europe traveling shows the other day and now this. I do miss those breakfasts. I remember we would eat an early breakfast and weren't hungry for lunch until like 2pm. Gotta love it!

And great pictures by the way! Don't hesitate to invite us over next time. :-)

Sugarsmax said...

Oh, it was so beautiful. Will you fix German breakfast for me for Mother's day?

A man of many Interests said...

Hey, Stefan used that same top picture in my class just a few weeks ago!

The Blind Spot said...

Funny how normal it looks to me ;) But I remember how very very much I missed German breakfast on our US tour. The breakfast offered at some motels/hotels was almost non-existent. But I survived :)

Meg said...

You put together such a beautiful Fruehstuck, I think even Frau S--what's her name---Lotte, you know, the one with the cleaning lady "gegen Haar allergisch" would be proud!

Cal said...

Grant would love this! How fun!!