Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentines Weekend!

Q.  It is possible to have a great Valentines weekend AWAY from your beloved Valentine?
A. Yes it is possible!  But everything with your valentine is better.

I was a little skeptical of leaving Spencer as I drove down to land of the rocks (Moab) last Saturday.  We had a fun Valentines/President's day weekend planned.  We were going to bike and climb and take amazing pictures so everyone would say "Wow, they are cool."  Endless fun.

Unfortunately Spencer had to work all day (12 hours) on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  The nerve!  When I got the news I immediately decided I couldn't go to Moab with out him.  My back up plan was to mope around the house all weekend.  It did need a deep cleaning after all.  And laundry....etc etc.

But I ended up jumping in the car and making the trek by my self with Spencer's 100% support.   

What is in Moab?  

Lots of Rocks.  Lots and lots of Rocks.  And Karen (KP)

I heart KP.  We were mission companions in Germany.  We discovered we were kindred spirits and really bonded as we swapped stories about our eccentric fathers (they are now friends!)

By summer KP is a professional river guide in Moab.  By winter she does odd jobs and shops at DI.  She is wonderful and it is always great to see her. 

Sadly, I got to Moab to late on Saturday to do any hiking.  
 So Sunday before church we drove up river road to check out the frozen river. 

And along the way we found a very picturesque rock.  

Unexpectedly as KP was climbing to the top of the rock it broke.  

Naturally we were concerned, because we broke the rock. 

But we chanelled all of our rock breaking worries and frusterations 
into photographing "Broken Rock." 

like this one...

and this one....

But finaly enough was enough and we left the poor rock alone.  


KP gave a great talk in the Moab singles branch to all 12 members.  Aprently the swarms of young hippies living in Moab don't reguliarly attend church.  But it was Valentines day.  We had to celebrate.  So KP and I made a yumme dinner and relaxed by the roaring fire. 

Ahh True LOVE! (KP is so discusted by my sappy blog about her)

Monday morning (Presiden't day) we hiked up the Moab rim trail.  

The views were amazing!
Moab in the foreground and the La Salle Mountains in the background. 
Then atop the next plateau you could see all of Arches National Park. 

 The importance of showing a cool picture of the Arch in the back ground outweighed the horror of showing such a realistic picture of me on the internet.  Early in the morning.  Sunburned checks.  No makeup.  Sigh.  But it is a cool arch right?!?!

Then I headed back to SLC to be with my Valentine.  He was really happy to see me.  



Seventh Child said...

You spelled disgusted wrong! :) Glad that you had fun!

Evenstar said...

I'm glad you had a great time!

kp said...

I'm still so shocked by that rock breaking right in front of us. We're lucky we weren't killed.

The Blind Spot said...

So the rock really did break right in front of you? I'm still not sure if i can believe you. :)
Tell KP I miss her tons!