Monday, June 9, 2008

My Cinderella story

Once upon time in a land far away land called Salt Lake City their lived a girl. The girl was married and born of goodly parents. However she was a poor poor new school teacher and slaved away teaching high school 50 to 60 hours a week. The girl was NOT a fan of shopping. She liked clothes she just didn't like searching for them. This girl's ideal shopping experience would be to casually observe what everyone around you was wearing and then offer to buy what you liked right off of their bodies. This would eliminate both the searching for clothes and the trying them on part of shopping. However this method wasn't very socially acceptable it only worked in communism.

One day the their was an official ball at the school where the teacher worked. Yes they even called it a ball. All the other princesses (teacher) of all the other kingdoms (subjects) were to attend.

Unfortunately the teacher had nothing to wear. Fearing she would be left behind and forced to stay home with her husband watching the NBA, the teacher ran to the cemetery and cried at at a grave site. The birds in the tree by the grave answered her cry and swarmed upon her blocking out the sun as they picked all the lint off her tattered dress. Nearby in a house her step sisters were having thier feet mudilated and blood was filling the slipper.....oh wait....this story isn't that dramatic!

Back to the modern version: One day the girl was teaching choir. Her students commented on her cloths and that she always wore the same thing. She explained her low tolerance for shopping and her lack of skill. The students took pity on her and decided what she needed was a fairy god mother. Luckily one of their mothers moonlighted as a fairy god mother on the weekends and was eager to help. The fairy god mother also owned a great little boutique in the River woods Mall in Provo/Orem or Utah area called Kaleidoscope. Over the next few months The Fairy God Mother provided all kinds of wonderful dresses and shoes for the poor teacher.

You can see a few of them here like the ribbon lady 100% silk dress.
or the blue polka dot one that is so flattering on! Not only did this Fairy God Mother provide dresses but she had adorable to die for shoes fit for a princess! (or a choir teacher)

One day the the teacher had to chaperon the prom (feast and ball). She thought she might have to actually go out and buy a dress but then she remembered the generosity of the fairy god mother and her kind gift of a long black Katherine Hepburn style dress that would work perfectly for the event. The poor teacher wore it to the prom and felt like a million dollars. Her handsome agreed to come and be prince charming for the night.

And they both lived happily ever after. The princess/teacher never gained an ounce of fat so that her dresses would fit her the rest of her life. And the groom bought a new suit that actually matched her black party dress.

The End.


Jani said...

How lovely. I wish I had a fairy godmother, too. I do HATE shopping!

LW said...

Oh Joan, you always look gorgeous. I do love those dresses though. Tell your fairy godmother that she should consider opening a store up north!
P.S. - I love the bed. At first I was so used to sleeping on a twin that I just used the edge, but now I am sprawled out across the whole dang thing.

Kate said...

Wow Joanie you really have some nice students!

Kate said...
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Aly Goalen said...

haha. you're cute Joanie. I love it. Way cute clothes. Maybe when I'm not a fatty fat preggo lady, you'll have to take me to this store. :)

Evenstar said...

I love that dress! It is so cute! I wish I could get a dress like that in green or purple.

Elise said...

Can I get one too? Joanie do you happen to know a good place to find coats. You know a nice one both dressy and practical? And that doesn't clash with a red hat?

Sugarsmax said...

nice photo of you and spence. when do I get the wedding photo 8x10. I will even pay for it.

The Orme Family said...

You have NEVER lacked in creativity!!! I love it. I thought I was the only one who thought about living in fairy tale land. My head is often in the clouds thinking about "happily ever afters."
I love it!

Anonymous said...

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Cydne said...

So I know this is an old post, but I just read it and love it because I feel the same way about shopping. I need a fairy godmother.
Just wait. Now that you have kids (and the no-longer-flat-post-pregnancy-stomach)shopping for clothes becomes even less delightful.
I can hardly believe that I liked it once.