Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm not that kind of girl!

I don't have lots of clothes and I don't spend lots of money on clothes. It isn't that I don't like clothes. I do like clothes. But I don't LOVE them and dream about them the way some gals do. I really don't like shopping. I can think of MUCH better ways to spend my time and money then strolling through the mall with 1,000 other women looking for a bargin on $200 Jeans. Shopping for me is occasional and specific NOT a regular recreation.

I said this to my dear friend Camille and she reminded me of that summer 2003 when we were backpacking through Europe and I became obsessed with clothes and European boutiques. I assured her that was a freak incident and not normal. I was suffering from a hard blow to my love life. sigh. She didn't quite believe me.

So this is how I proved to Camille that I'm really am NOT a clothes horse despite that Day in Berlin when I made her spend the day shopping rather than see the sights. I repent! I repent! I'm glad you forgave me and we are still friends.

I teach high school and I wear the same thing to work everyday. On the rare occasion that I do buy something new my students say:"

Student: "Oh Mrs. Steinmann" you got a new shirt!"
Student: "You have worn that sweater for the last 3 Monday's in a row"
Student: "Usually you wear the other earrings with that shirt."
Student: "Mrs. Steinmann you wore those pants yesterday"

On the day I broke down and wore cute (painful) heels to class:

Student: "Did you finally get new shoes because those other brown ones are like totally worn out"
Student: "You haven't worn that shirt as much this year as you did last year"

Yes yes it is true. They can remember exactly what I wear every day to class but somehow forget all the German Vocabulary words I try to pound into their brains.

Thursday night on a whim Spencer and I went shopping and I broke down and bought a beautiful bright yellow sweater vest from Express. (pictured below think yellow)

I wore it the next day and it was the talk of the school. I actually heard one girl in the hall say "Have you seen Mrs. Steinmann's new outfit?"


Arwen said...

I have to admit, Joanie, that you have also come across as clothes obsessed to me. But I suppose that is only in comparison to the rest of the Riddles.

Marilyn said...

Well, I wear a uniform to work, I wish I could wear a yellow sweater.

heidikins said...

I actually have that sweater, in hot pink. Love!