Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Book Hook giveaway: It is a tie!

Thank you to all readers for your great comments.  Let me introduce the judges:  

Judge no. 1: 
Megan of ONA INK blog fame.  Do you read her?  If not start!  We've been friends for 10 years.  She's a great writer and has been a great travel companion.  Check out our travels in Greece of 2008 here.  Someday we are both going to write about our exciting trip to Morocco where we both thought we were going to die.  yep.  die.  (Nov of 2010)

Megan's top Book Hook winners were:
1. Tiana- Under the condition that she sends a picture of her using the Book Hook in any of the ways she describes in her comment. I am very curious about this "gold spray painted lingerie."  She also wrote interesting comments on each of your posts.  Finally, her whole life has been leading up to this moment. She is an avid reader, she is a librarian and her last name is Page. Of course she is destined for the Book Hook. 
2. Hannah- Like Arwen, the story of the 8 year old niece tugged at my heart-strings, and I really love the idea of a child getting excited about a hunk of wood and not a shiny electronic device.  Hannah also made very insightful comments. 
3. Mad Hadder- You had me at "gejumpen and gescreamen"!!!! 

Judge no. 2
Let me introduce Arwen:  She just graduated from Library Science school.   She is a great writer but no longer a blogger.  She's my little sister and I still torture her in a big sister way even though our combine ages almost qualify us for a senior citizen discount at Sizzlers.  i.e.  On Saturday she claims she called shotgun, but she didn't.  it. was. a. lie.  

1. I chose Hannah as winner because she had relevant comments to the posts and also because she mentioned wanting to give the book hook to her eight year old niece.  I was eight when I learned to love reading and it struck a cord with me.
2.  For second place, I chose Tiana because she commented on every post and always had something interesting to say about one or more of the books.
3.  For third place, I chose Jani, because she is my sister and she loves to read.  Hail nepotism! 

How in the world do I decide now that my judges have caused this tie and neither of them will break it?  You get to decide!  Please vote in the poll!  Hurray for all the readers of the world.  The spines of books are hoping this book hook idea will take off!


josh said...

Can there be write in candidates for the voting? I'm considering leading a write-in campaign for Josh:)(cali)

Nancy K. said...

Can you post their comments so we can read them before voting? Even though I'm inclined to vote for Tiana just because of that one time the day we met when we had the same hair cut and the same glasses and for a second it was like being in The Parent Trap.

Mad Hadder said...

Whoa! I still think my German deserves a Shout Out!! And my magnanymousity for sending the prize (should I have won BUT CLEARLY DID NOT!!!!) TO Little Belnap...I'm just saying...