Monday, April 18, 2011

Southern Bavaria

Happily reunited with Spencer in Munich we headed to Bavaria.  Note: Our hostel (aka Spencer's friend's house) in Munich was MOST unsatisfactory.  Can you imagine letting guests sleep in your apartment but then not giving them clean sheets?!?!  The "friend" is American of course.  Germans would NEVER be so inhospitable.  Neither would most Americans.    

Either way Spencer and I survived a horrible night crammed into a tiny single bed and headed to beautiful Bavaria.

Schloss Lichtenstein.  

The Wieskirche

The Wieskirche is amazingly light and beautiful inside.  

Doesn't it make you all want to move to Southern Germany?
Schloss Lichtenstein and the Weiskirche are minor attractions compared to the Disney Land castle of Neuschwanstein.  The interesting thing about this castle it is this place is that it is only as new as Utah (approximately.)
The perfect fairy tale caste.  

The Castle courtyard
Looking at the Castle Gatehose

Poor Baby won't have any memories of Southern Germany.  

The Castle has beautiful views of the German Alps.  

The walk up to the Castle.   
I'd been to Neuschwanstein a few times when I was a kid living in Germany.  It was fun to see it as an adult. The walk up to the castle was the perfect scroll for a pregnant lady.  Last time I walked up to the Castle it was poring rain.

Next up:  Lake Como!


Evenstar said...

I wish *I* could visit Germany.

The Blind Spot said...

Just one thing: it's Neuschwanstein (as in swan) and not Neuschweinstein (as in pig) ;) You made up a really funny name though ;)

theriddle said...

Denise, I'm so embarised! I TOTALLY know it is Neuschwanstein (as in swan) just a typo! :)