Saturday, April 9, 2011

After the German Party or our European Road trip!

The day after the party we headed out.  We had five days left of our trip and lots of Europe to see. 

The first night Spencer and Eric left me in Leipzig where I visited my good friend Denise.

She insisted I sleep in her bed even though I tried to explain that Americans don't give up their own beds for company like Germans always do.  Still, she was very kind.  I slept great and when I got up Denise surprised me with another German Breakfast!  Hurray!
Denise's cute apartment and German Breakfast!
After that we walked around Leipzig. I've lived in Leipzig twice now.  Once as a missionary in 2000-2001 and once the summer of 2008 as a student.  Leipzig is a fun little town.  It isn't nearly as touristy as Munich or Berlin, or as breath taking as Dresden, still if you are on a German tour it is worth a stop.

Cute Denise with the famous Thomas Kirche (church where Bach played) in the back ground.  

I have tons of missionary pictures with me and the Thomas Kirche.
This is the first picture of me and the Thomas Kirche and the pregnant belly. 

The main square in Leipzig.   

From that point I jumped on an ICE (very fast train) and headed to Munich where I was supposed to meet up with Spencer and Eric after their adventure in Prague/Vienna/Saltzburg.  (I'd already been all of those places and had much more fun with Denise!)

I hadn't been to Munich since I was a teenager.  One thing is for certain, it is a TOURISTY town.  It was almost dark by the time I got there.  I heard lots of Americans as I headed into the old part of the city to look around.

It was too dark to get any great photos so enjoy this one courtesy of the Internet:

If I had seen Munich in the daytime I would have seen this.  

I enjoyed window shopping and checking out these gorgeous Dirndls.  

I jokingly asked the shop lady if they had any maternity Dirndls.
She didn't think it was funny.
German's do have a different sense of humor.

I met up with Spencer at his friends house.  I was a little late arriving and boy was Spencer worried.  His poor pregnant wife walking around the city alone.  I was of course happy he was concerned but really, Germany is a pretty safe place to go by yourself.  Especially when you speak the language.  

The next day we left for Italy...via Neuschweinstein Castle.  Stay tuned!


Evenstar said...

I like the purple dirndl.

Whitney said...

I miss Leipzig! Let's go back with our babie!