Friday, April 8, 2011

The Big Birthday Party - German style

 My father in law turned 70 a few weeks ago.  Like every 70 year old he wanted to have a HUGE party with a band, hired actors, and a fully catered open bar.  He also wanted to have this party in Germany, his homeland.  Partying in Deutschland was fine with me because he was also gracious to fly the whole family over with him to celebrate.  Despite the free ticket, I really debated weather or not to go.  I love Germany.  But being 30 weeks pregnant meant international flying was getting trickier.  In the end I decided to do it.  First of all I've never been rich enough to say no to a free ticket to Europe.  (I doubt I'll ever be rich enough to say no to a free Europe trip) Secondly Spencer kept talking about how much fun it would be to be back in Germany.  I just couldn't let him have all that fun with out me!  Intense followers of my life will now remind me that I've gone to Europe TWICE without Spencer since we've been married.  Poor guy.  But don't worry he's gotten a new bike for every Europe trip I've taken.

On the day of the party Heinz wanted his sons to look sharp.
He bought them new suits.
More on the suits later.

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At the party I....
  • Ate lots of cake 
  • spoke lots of crappy German (How do adjective endings work again?) 
  • took lots of pictures
  • drank lots of juice
  • sang German folk songs
  • met lots of German relatives
  • and one again ate lots of Cake

Me and Spencer's first cousin.  I'm wearing a maternity sweater from Target.  She is wearing cool traditional German garb.  

The Birthday boy and his sons.    
Spencer dancing with all the German Fraus.

Texting is what Spencer and Eric did at the party.  

German cousins.  They did some comparing of noses.  

Eating what might have been my 4th piece of cake.

True Love and a very drunk German who got in the picture.  

As the German relatives were comparing noses and eyes for similarities.
I felt I most resembled this potted plant.  
The drink list.  Ze Germans, zhey lohve zhe beer and zhe wine.  

Every time I turned my back he was flirting with the German hotties.

All in all it was a very fun party.  I hope the birthday boy had the time of his life.

Note:  In answer to Megan's comment.  The professional actors were a hired band of comedians.  They performed half way through the party.  They spoke Platte Deutsch so I didn't understand one word.  In fact most of the Germans couldn't understand a word unless they were old and from that area.  


Rijen said...

Joan, this post was hilarious. I love you and the potted plant! You are 100x more gorgeous though! One thing I wish you would clarify- what were the hired actors for???

Evenstar said...

I second the love for the potted plant! I'm glad you had a great time!

The Queen Prawn said...

Last I saw of Spencer's german relatives was your wedding and one of Heinz' friends thought I would be perfect for his grandson.