Saturday, December 5, 2009

And now I can die.

If it is true that we can't die till we have left our mark on the world then my time is short. Last winter through sheer luck I invented the most perfect light Christmas snack that ever was. Yes Yes Yes I know this is a little pretentious of me to say but keep reading.

Recipe for the perfect Christmas snack:

Cream Cheese

Direction: Spread cream cheese on Ritz whole wheat crackers (don't let whole wheat confuse you these tasty treats are TASTY and NOT nutritious.) Sprinkle with 20-30 pomegranate seeds. Eat right away and enjoy!

Are your taste buds salivating?
No yet?!?!?
Then take a look at these:
Karen and Keri sure seemed to like them:

Yes they will make you the hit of any bring-food-for everyone pot luck Christmas party. And now I can feel good about having contributed to society and made the world a better place. Enjoy!


Seventh Child said...

Yum, but even so don't die yet Joanie!

Evenstar said...

I'll have to try them sometime.

Sugarsmax said...

Will you make some for next Friday night?

Michael said...

Aren't you forgetting avocado? One can survive on that vegetable alone, you know.

Katie said...

Joanie?!! I had no idea you were a blogger!You'll have to pop by ours its (melofam. blogspot) I just have to say- wow, I've missed you girl! Guess who contacted me on facebook this past week? Our roommate Kristen Olsen! I've been doing a lot of reminicing ever since and love it. You are an angel and I've missed you. Oh- and about nerdy childern, I'm right there with you. In fact, I just finished reading a great book about how to raise you child to bee a nerd. I totally recommend it!

I just love you, so fun to see you. Have a Merry Christmas!

p.s. yellow is my favorite color, too (oh, and I love your long hair!)