Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Concerts and other thoughts.

I'm a musician and Christmas is busy! I have concerts with my kiddies all over the city, I have concerts with my professor Brady Allred and the SLCA. I have musician friends I always want to support! I have choirs I want to check out and listen to. December evenings always look like this: Concerts/rehearsal/concert/rehearsal/Performance/rehearsal/rehearsal/concert/Performance acne/Christmas EVE!/Day/relax! Some years I get lucky and have time for some eggnog and quite family time. Most years that quite time comes after Christmas.

Saturday night I slipped out of the house and left poor Spencer studying his honey comes (physics charts) in peace. I walked up to the University of Utah alone to see the University Singers Christmas concert. I was in Singers in college and those times were some of my best college experiences. They did a great job I was inspired.

I am so grateful for Christmas music and the spirit it brings. Despite my life long church going Mormon gal self sometimes I don't feel very religious or as religious as I should feel. What I mean by religious is spiritually tuned. I don't always feel as spiritually tuned as I should or want to feel. Christmas helps me spiritually tune in. Christmas music reminds me that all talents come from God and to be grateful for the blessings I have including the music talents I have and can share with others.

This video is of wonderful director Brady Allred and his University Singers singing Carol of Joy. I'm doing this song with my school choirs this week too! I feel so grateful for all my blessings at Christmas. I'm also grateful for all my blog readers! Enjoy and Merry Merry Christmas.


Evenstar said...

Merry Christmas Joanie!

Michemily said...

That is beautiful. My sister was the ward choir director once and she said, "It's great! I wave my arms around, and they sing to me!" You must love doing that.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful song! I've never heard it before--who wrote it? I know your Christmas season must be crazy, but how lucky to be surrounded by so much great music at this time of year--I miss being involved in choirs at Christmastime. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Sugarsmax said...

I love Christmas music. My eyes start to water. My chest feels like it is going to burst, and I feel so full of love for what Jesus did for me that I can hardly speak. I wish I could feel this way all of the time, but I wouldn't get much done if I were weeping for joy and couldn't speak. Still it is a wonderful feeling.