Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How do you want your children to be?

I'm not a Mother. I'm not pregnant, but sometimes at work (I'm a choir teacher) I feel motherly as I calm down teenagers and their over active hormones. Do you remember how HARD life was as a teenager? No? Really you don't remember that? You missed out on a once in a life time rollacoaster ride.

I really enjoy teaching and getting to know all my students. Most of them are so funny/sweet/smart/witty/adorable/etc. Some students are more challenging but I still I've grown to appreciate the individual DESPITE that I had to send you out TWICE in one week. The more and more I teach the more I think of how I hope my own children turn out. I think I've got it figured out.

I want nerdy children.

Yes that is right. Nerdy children. Not TOTALLY socially awkward (just slightly) hopefully relatively smart and interested in learning and improving. Nerdy and nice children who feel that decorating a room means putting up more book shelves. Is this too much to ask?

I come from a long line of Nerds myself. Both my Grandpa's had Ph.D.'s and those wonderful nerd genes have trickled down to many nerdy aunts/uncles and hundreds of uber nerdy cousins. I'm not pregnant (really I swear!) but when I am I'm going to pray for the nerd genes.

What are your thoughts?


Missy said...

Oh my gosh, my husband and I had this same conversation a few weeks ago. We are definitely wanting our daughter to be a nerdy, library card lugging, science fair winning, honors student band geek. Sign me up!

Evenstar said...

Bring on the nerds! But you are right, the socially awkward thing is bad.

Cal said...

This reminds me of the shirt that says, "Talk Nerdy To Me". Haha love it! It seems like it's cool to be a nerd now, but maybe not in High School, but after High School for sure!

Seventh Child said...

With the right encouragement you can breed the socially awkward out of them you know.

Sugarsmax said...
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Michael said...

The nerd is strong with you, young skywalker