Saturday, October 25, 2008

30 Birthdy. What gift should I get myself?

In less than a month I will cross the threshold of being old. The earth rotates around the sun, days pass and slowly the days of my tumultuous twenties will be over.
Stay tuned to my blog for all the self reflecting this birthday has caused me to do, but for now I need all of your help on some very important details. What should I gift myself for my 30th birthday. I have some ideas but I need your help!

Idea #1: Living room couch. If you have ever been to our living room you know it has some wonderful features including a wonderful view of Downtown Salt Lake City and all the lights, a Big screen TV , surround sound (obviously a boy lives here) a newly tuned piano, three potted plants, real wood book cases etc. Where it lacks is in couches. We have one leather mans football watching chair and one past its comfort prime love seat. I dream of the days when we have a real couch to sit in.

Idea #2: Fake (hopefully classy) CZ earrings I think most girls have a pair of these in their closet but not me. I'm thinking they could help me age gracefully in a classy way. I don't want to be one of those 30 year olds that looks like her teenage daughter dressed her.

Idea #3: i-pod I might be the only semi sociably acceptable person in my twenties with out one of these. In college I was always scrimping by avoiding having student loans by limiting almost all spending. By the time I could justify spending money on one I was married and just used my hu$bands (who for the record had had one since the very beginning making him infinitely cooler than me.) I totally missed the bandwagon on being a hip 20 something i-pod owning girl, but this birthday gives me new hope. There can't be as many 30 somethings with i-pods. There just cant. So maybe if I enter my 30's as an i-pod owner I might get some respect from my fellow 30+ year olds.

Idea #4: My own guitar
This was my latest idea. I'm a long way from Jimmy Page but I dabbled a little in college for fun but I no longer have that option as my parents have long since claimed thier guitar. Plus my poor neglected piano might do better if it had a friend.

Idea #5: Kitchen Aid

You don't already have one? The answer is NO. I blame all my kitchen problems on the fact that I don't have a kitchen aid. I"m sure if I did even the raisin brad Spencer and I survive on in the mornings would taste better just for having been stored on a shelf in close proximity to the kitchen aid. Spencer is totally fine with my buying one tomorrow but he's also alot better at spending money than I am, hens the big screne TV and no Kitchen Aid.

Idea #6: Hawaiian Vacation
Hawaii. I dream of you. I've heard you are paradise and I want to know for my self. I want to swim with the sea turtles and hike along the coast. I want to snorkel through the coral reefs and buy trinkets in Honolulu. Spencer has spring break in March and I've heard Hawaii in March is divine. I have to do it before I have children.

Idea #7: New Laptop

Yes our Laptop is sick and currently the resident nerds at the U have it in the ICU. We don't know if it is going to make it. The practical thing to do would be to gift myself a new one and call it a birthday present. But somehow turning THIRTY makes me feel like I deserve a real present that I want and not just what is most practical.

Idea #8: My new fingernail.

I'm dying for it to grow back in time for the big day. I only have two millimeters to go.

So what do you think? Please cast your vote and leave a comment.


Krystal said...

I officially voted on the side for the Hawaiin vacay!! :) You don't have any kiddies yet, so it is the best time to do it!! :) Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit (sans the raining) and you won't regret it!! :)

footballcrucible said...

How 'bout I go hold up a liquor store and buy it all for ya?

Kristin said...

Well here are my thoughts... I would definately say the couches, but who needs a birthday to decide you need a couch?
Second... CZ earings... probably not all they are cracked up to be.
Third... Kitchen Aide??? I thought we were so above that, go for a boshe.
Fourth...I really wanted to say Hawaii... but I'm wondering if you will be disappointed after a summer in Greece. (Correction I know it wasn't a summer, but a summer just sounded so much cooler.)
My conclusion... go for the fingernail, you won't be disappointed.

Elise said...

Hmm, buying something for yourself? Shouldn't you let others buy stuff for you and buy something for others instead? Thanks for ideas for christmas though.
Fingernail, Kitchen Aid, Couch (although I like your love seat), then Guitar. the rest blah... I have more to say but I think I will email it to you instead.

Evenstar said...

Go to Hawaii! Definitely.

josh said...

After your previous post on Spencer's cycling habit could you not include a sweet, sweet road bike on your birthday list?!?

Sugarsmax said...

Look, how much money will you have to spend? Your grandma's will both send a check, and maybe mom and dad. The vacation is out on that budget.

The UnMighty said...

How about a lap-dance? Nothing eases the pain of aging like a good ol' fashion lap-dance.

Kevin & Chelsey Christensen said...

Kevin got me the coolest birthday gift this year... laser hair removal... just think about it no shaving or waxing for the rest of your life... something to consider!

Whitney said...

Maybe I'm lame, but I vote for the couch. I love anything that makes home more homey!

Grace Rich said...

That is a good way to be stoked about the big 20-10 birthday. I think
1) Hawaii ... you've got to do something fun, out of the ordinary
2)Couch ... we're missing one in our place, and you're right, a living room just needs one
3) Guitar ... I love to hear you sing and if you could make time to practice (that's always my problem) you'd love it!

Callie said...

I can't live without my iPod. I wouldn't work out if it weren't for MP3's. :)

Give Mease a chance said...

how about a bike?

A man of many Interests said...

Go for the kitchen aid, it is the most practical.