Sunday, April 25, 2010

A whole lot-a-CASH

I lost my phone at school.   It wasn't in my drawer where it usually was.  It wasn't in my purse.  I wasn't on my desk.  I wasn't in my bra (you ALWAYS have a pocket ladies.)  It wasn't on the edge of the piano.  Oh. No. Oh. NO. OH. NO. OH NOOOOOOOOO.  I had left it on my desk and some kid was now texting everyone in my address book, or snooping through my messages.  (Good thing I read and delete.)

I was concerned, but class was starting.  No time to worry about it now.   After school I did some SERIOUS phone searching.  Still no phone!  Just then my boss came in holding my phone.  I stammered an idiotic thank you:

Me:  Oh errr....thanks! I must have left it somewhere.  I'm glad you found it....if this had fallen into the wrong hands......ha ha (weak laugh) I mean....ha ha

My Boss:  Yes. Well. I did enjoy the picture of you holding all the school's money.  Maybe we should talk about that? 

Me:   (horrified) oh picture was a joke....I mean....not that the money is a joke...or that I joke about school money....I just.....well....Fernando and I were joking around.....and......

He let me sweat it for a minute.  I stammered out more explanations.  Then he smiled and said:

My Boss:  I know Fernando told me.

WHEW!!!! Oh man he really got me.    That could have been awkward.

And now me holding all the cash that paid for the choir tour  last week, taken my Fernando my co-worker with my cell phone which I then left on his desk as I rushed to get back to class.  I haven't held this much cash since I was a waitress living in a town with no bank.

(And for the record my fingernails were purple.  NOT BLACK!)


Evenstar said...

That's hilarious. I'm glad your boss was so understanding!

May said...

Oh man, that sounds so much like Scott!He has a terrible sense of humor. My mom can never tell when he's kidding or not and so she gets kinda antsy. LOL. I never take him seriously, I just screw around with him till we both crack up laughing! Makes life better ;)

Meg said...

Joan, one couldn't MAKE up the stories which happen to you. That is hilarious! BTW what is wrong with black nails?