Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The School year is winging down or how I am Michael Scott

Everyone is restless

I have to use all my teaching skills to keep the students focused and learning.  Sometimes when I think they are learning....they are not.  
A few weeks ago I was enjoying some amazing focus in German class.  The kids were quiet and participating.  I was happily teaching new vocabulary words.  But soon I realized that my amazing teaching skills were not what was keeping everyone so fixated.  Oh NO.  NO one cared about German.

They were watching my pants.  More specifically (and in some ways less awkwardly) the hem of my pants,  The cuff was so frayed that a strip was just hanging literally by a thread. One boy mentioned it.  Then another one said "Oh yeah I noticed that too."  Then they all started talking about it (very awkward.)  

I tried to keep teaching.  I blabed on about German School systems or something. 

The didn't listen.  They still stared transfixed at the frayed hem of my pants. 

Suddenly one kid ran up to my chair and pulled the dangling strip off of my pants.  The class exploded in applause.  Kids even started packing up their bags to leave.  They claimed they just thought class was over.  The sleeping kids woke up and demanded to know what had happened. 

It reminded me of the episode of The Office when Michael Scott calls everyone into the board room to discuss a "serious" problem.  Instead of listening everyone is fixated on the screen saver that bounces from one wall of the computer screen to the next.  Does it ever bounce into the corner?  Dwight swears it does.  No one believes him.  Then suddenly it happens.  The screen savor goes directly into the corner....and then bounces out.  The Office erupts with excitement.  They all leave the room with out even a backwards glance at Michael Scott. 

You know you are beat when you are comparing yourself to Michael Scott. 


Evenstar said...

Cheer up Joanie, you are much funnier, better looking and have better people skills than Michael Scott.

Sugarsmax said...

Well, you could just have a pop quiz every day on the stuff from the day before and give away an ipod as the prize for the best grade at the end of the last two weeks.