Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday night movies

After the Rachmaninoff concert I tonight I had a ton of adrenalin. It was 8:30. I was now where near tired. I bought ice cream and rented New Moon. I made Spencer watch it with me. (don’t judge) He made it through the first 20 minutes just snuggling with me on the couch. Then he said something about fixing his bike.  He graciously brought the bike into the living room to work on so that (like I insisted) we could still be “together.”

My favorite part about watching New Moon was Spencer’s constant color commentary. Here are some of this best one liners.

“So is this like Werewolf Puberty?”

“Umm…sorry….responding (to that question Jacob vs. Edward) would imply that I have some kind of emotional attachment to this movie.”

“Who is Alice again?” (twice)

“Oh yeah, this is the part I was waiting for! When he jumps out!”

“Didn’t the other guy just break up with her? This is becoming a theme”

“That is a surprisingly decent CG animal.”


Yep. this is what happens when you are married. You rent chick flicks which your husband that he may or may not watch with you (He made it through most of North & South but not Anne of Green Gables.) He had to prove he’s a man.  I made him suffer.  But in my defense I did recently sit through Swordfish (with Spencer editing.)

Ahhh The entertainment we endure for love.

P.S. The movie New Moon was much better than the book New Moon. Discus!


Evenstar said...

I haven't read or seen New Moon but my dislike of the Twilight franchise puts me firmly in Spencer's camp here.

Missy said...

My husband wanted to die every time one of the cast had their shirts off.
I have read the books, and liked them despite myself. But after the last movie I have decided to get off the twilight train.

Angela said...

ha ha... you make me scared for movie-watching in marriage. love it.

May said...

I fail to see how the movie could be better then the book, considering the second book (new moon) was a craptacualar rip off of Wuthering Heights by Bronte. If the book was a rip off wouldn't the movie be more of the same?

ps. I got through ten minuets of the movie and had to turn it off. Too teenage angst for me to handle.