Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conference and Doughnuts

Twice a year in Mormon Culture something wonderful happens. It is called General Conference. If you are Mormon you know all about this so skip to next paragraph. If not keep reading. Semi-annually the Mormon leaders get together and hold a conference in Salt Lake City. They give wonderful talks reminding us to be more Christ like people. They tell encouraging stories and relate very touching personal experiences. The best part of General Conference is televised so you can get all this great advice in your PJ's on the couch (or like me yesterday at the gym with my ipod!) Hurray!

My family has a wonderful tradition surrounding conference. Every Spring and Fall during conference weekend we make doughnuts. I say "We" as in the Royal "We." My Mom does 90% of the work leaving a strenuous 10% for the rest of us.

The next time you drive past Krispy Kreme tip your hat! Making Doughnuts is a rough job. You have to get up early and make the dough, (Mom's job) then you have to roll out and cut the dough into doughnut shapes. (also Mom's job) Then you have to fend off native teenagers who pick at the raw sweet doughnuts (Mom again armed with a wooden spoon.) If you have saved enough dough from the hungry natives to cook then you can heat up the hot oil on the stove. (Mom's job)

Then the whole family has to be involved. One person cooks (Today it was me) one person ferries plates of hot doughnuts to the doughnut frosters (Today's doughnuts were frosted by siblings Kate, Daniel and Elise) One person puts the raw dough into the oil (My Mom.) And one person runs doughnuts to my father every few minutes who is busy playing free-cell on the computer.(Mom Again)

Doughnuts are tricky. The oil has to be heated to just the right temperature. If it is too hot they burn (TRAGIC) if it s not hot enough they cook too slowly and absorb too much oil which makes them gross (ALSO TRAGIC.) If you don't have enough oil in the pan for them to float then they burn on the bottom of the pan. (SOB)

We make WAY more doughnuts that we could ever eat and we NEVER want any left over so we have teams of couriers (Mom and Dad) running them up and down the street to various neighbors before they get cold. But don't worry. We eat our fare share as well. And doughnut holes have no calories. Happy Conference Sunday Everyone. I hope you enjoyed it!

Me slaving away at the stove. 

We tried to make this one look like a bunny!

Happy Easter to Everyone!
He is risen!


Sugarsmax said...

Wow, they really do look fantasticly yummy. Thanks for your help. You look very professional at the stove.

Laurie said...

Okay, now I'm totally craving doughnuts. Thanks a lot! Those look much fancier than the one time we tried to make them in my family...

Evenstar said...

I wish I could have been there! Sob, sob.

Missy said...

mmmmm. That looks like a delicious tradition.

Angela said...

those look GORGEOUS. someday you must teach me.

The Queen Prawn said...

Yes, they look awesome. But I object that the "native teenagers" did more than just frost. We also cut out the dough. And on the last portion we did something fun. Kate made a big K. And I made the other shapes.