Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Rest of the Story. The rest of 10 stories.

The rest of the story. The blog where I tie up all the loose ends I've mentioned in previous blogging.

1. Do you notice and patterns in our classroom? - The rest of the Story
Referencing the time I created a seating chart for my high School German students based on their hair color. THE DAY after I posted the blog a kid in my last German class said "Hey have you ever noticed that all of the blond kids sit on that side?" which made me think he read my blog...which scared me slightly. Just kidding. They all thought it was a GREAT April Fools joke and I changed the seating assignment the next day.

2. My Long Lost Twin - The rest of the story:
For the record I don't think I look like Sherry Renee Scott or Candice Bergman. But I'm flattered really, they are beautiful women. The old lady in German who is still in love from Young Spencer on his mission (she sends him annual birthday/Christmas/Easter/Boxing Day gifts) told him when she called one morning (5:00 a.m.) that I look like Heidi Klum. I SO WISH but really I have yet to find my twin.

3. New Years Resolutions - The rest of the story:
I kept my fingernails painted for 3 months. I even painted them black which I told Spencer was trandy and he kept calling me gothic so that hasn't happened again. Then the painting got old. I tracked 30 hours of practicing the piano. Then I realized I hate practicing. Loosing weight...some days up. some down.

4. My Husband Drilled a Hole in my Finger - The rest of the story:

CAUTION: This post is rated PG-13 for graphic images and blood.
Last August I slammed my finger in my trunk. After 3 days of AGONY! Spencer DRILLED A HOLE IN MY FINGER to relieve the pressure. Eight months later the nail is almost grown back. But not quite.

5. Greece - The rest of the story:
I think the guy in Crete I gave my blog address to is still a faith full reader. He was cute in a I still live with my mother Greece boy kind of way. I still think Santorini is one of the planets most magical places.

6. My Husband's Internet relationship - The rest of the story.
One of my most clever posts. To fill you in: He is STILL obsessed. OBSESSED. with his bike. He walks into the bike's bedroom to say goodnight to it every night hanging on the wall. Recently Spencer upgraded his mistresses. His new bike-mistress has a larger frame and slightly different coloring. Same make and model though. Can't fault a good thing.

7. The Gang - The rest of the story.
I took creative license with this post and made it out like we were mobsters. NO ONE believed me obviously. It was just a get together of bunches of mission friends. Pictures of this year and last. Last year was slightly different because neither Megan nor Traci had yet produced offspring. Everything changes in 9 months.

8. June 30, 2007 - The Rest of the story.
This post was the one where I gush about my wedding. I still look back and think. "What a perfect day!" we are still really happy.

9. My top 5 mistakes as a teacher - The Rest of the Story
I love my job and I'm very passionate about teaching. but I do make some mistakes. My most hilarious ones are listed here. I have one to add to my next list you can read it here.

10. Here I come - The Rest of the story
This was my very first blog post ever. I've now posted over __times. I can't believe how much I love blogging. I started as a more interesting way to keep a journal and a way to improve my writing. Both have improved and it has been a fun hobby.


Evenstar said...

So how did your class react when you told them about the seating arrangement? You should test the one student to see if he does read your blog.

Sugarsmax said...

I love you Joanie. I wish I had time to blog more.

Jake said...

Oh man that picture of the gang made me really miss all you guys.