Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A few weeks ago my shoe broke. This was tragic because they cost 80 eruo and I'd only had them 13 months. They were also my favorite pair of black flats to wear to school. Make that my only pair of black flats. My feet hate me if I wear heels every day.

I tried not wearing them for a few days and considered taking them to my cobbler. But then in a pinch I just slipped them on despite the broken strap. I found that if I adjusted my gait slightly I could still wear them. I kept thinking "I'll get around to buying some new ones"

Three weeks later I'm still wearing them. Until today. After the conversation I had with the P.E. teacher I'm shammed into Nordstroms to buy replacements. All he had to say was:

"Are you limping?" and I realized that I was limping. Adjusting my "gait" was just a want to be classy way of saying develop a limp so you can wear broken shoes. Lame Lame Lame. Shame Shame Shame. I'm buying new black flats by Monday. Any ideas? Please send them my way. I hate shopping so save me the trip.


Sugarsmax said...

from one who hates to shop to another. I wear my shoes OUT also.

Lynze Loves... said...

I am currently wearing the most comfortable pair of black patent leather Steve Madden flats ever. And they're pretty cute, as flats go. The name of the shoe is "Halie". Maybe you can find them online?