Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ducktaping my students hands together.

It is the last period of the day, German I class. 90% of the students are freshman boys. I love this class. They have tons of energy and are easily sidetracked. But it helps keep me on my toes to have to work so hard to keep the focus.

My German II class ended and my German I students started filing in. I got a little nervous when Uwe names have been changed came to class with his hands duck taped together. That is right. Duck taped! Taped together in such a way to allow only minimal finger movement. Now, I like to allow my students a certain amount of freedom in the class room but Uwe and this class tends toward distraction.  I anticipated that duck taped hands would qualify as a distractions.   I moved toward Uwe trying to decide what to do.  

He saw right what I was thinking and said with such hope in his eyes and said:

"Let's just see how it goes."

He wished more than anything I wouldn't put an end to the game.

"Okay...we will see how it goes" I said and I smiled.

I admit I was an unbeliever. But the duck tape worked! Uwe was a model student today.   He wrote notes (with one hand on top of the other) and turned pages (very carefully with the little pinkie that wasn't quite so tethered,) He even raised his hand(s) to ask a question and he never disruped the class. It was amazing. Why didn't I think of this before? Oh yeah. If it had been my idea to tape my students hands together with duck tape you can bet I'd be doing time already.

It has given me few ideas though. Whhhhaaaa


Evenstar said...

Hmm. I can think of a few relatives *cough* Tom *cough* who would improve if their hands were duct taped together.

Seventh Child said...

I thoroughly agree with Arwen!
But Joanie you are so silly and have such funny students!

Sugarsmax said...

well, I read this, but, no comment