Thursday, January 8, 2009

I come home to find my husband in bed with another male

Rehearsal got out early. I was thanking my lucky stars that I might actually get to bed before midnight as I walked up the stairs to get to our apartment. I open the front door and listened. Silence. No lights. that music coming from the bed room? Excitedly I moved toward the bedroom and pushed the door open.

Sprawled out on the bed was my husband. He looked quite content and why not? On top of him was the male referenced in the title. I shouldn't say sprawled...perched is more like it. They lay their so innocent so peaceful, both enjoying each others company. So unaware that all would come to an unpleasant end as the wife opened the door.

"SPENCER".......I shrieked "What is that $@*&4# BIRD doing in our BED!" Spencer had no response. He sheepishly picked up and left the room holding the corners of his shirt in an admirable but inadequate attempt not to spill the cracker crumbs that he had been feeding to the bird out of his shirt.

The bird exited the room with the love of his life, my husband. I stood alone looking down at the bed. Crumbs were everywhere! On top of the sheets, under the sheet, on the floor by the bed, everywhere! I pulled back the for display only pillows and right across one was a big bird poop.

Now this was not the first time. I'd found crumbs in the sheets the week before and consequently spend the entire day saturday doing laundry including all the bed washings. I hadn't exactly demanded that Spencer not feed the bird in bed but I'd had very obvious conversation about how sleeping on crumbs didn't exactly make for sweet dreams or romantic moods.

Less than 3 days later we were back to crumbs and even worse poop. I stormed into the bird's room ready to list all the reasons I had to be annoyed. But spencer's look stoped me in my trakcs. He looked at me with repentant eyes and gave me a signature sweet smile. I melted. I can't stay mad. I wish I could stay mad! Sometime I really want to be the kind of person to hold grudges but I just forget. Five minutes after I get mad everything is water under the bridge. As if the smile wasn't enough to temper my spirits Pete the pet bird who was still perched on Spencer's sholder chirped in too. He sang me his signature"wolf wisthels" that Spencer taught him last summer. Okay cute husband. Cute bird. Washable sheets. Life really isn't so bad. If you want to read the exciting story about how Pete came to be a part of our marriage click here.


Evenstar said...

Wow. Provocative title post Joanie. I certainly hope you removed your blog from the search engine circuit.

footballcrucible said...

Its true!!! All true!!! But Joanie made me pose with Petie in the bed.