Thursday, January 22, 2009

Air Quality

Salt lake my pretty city is blanketed with ucky smog that burns the lungs and most likely causes cancer. It is the 2nd smoggiest city in the Nation after Provo. I haven't run outside for days because rumor is if you spend ONE HOUR outside breathing the air it is the equivalent of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes. True? Who knows or cares. It is bad.

This morning driving to work I look over at the driver of the car next to me and the athletic good looking guy in his early 30's is driving and wearing a gas mask. I'm not joking a full on gas mask with different nobs and valves and so forth.

The thing is I found myself wishing I had a gas mask to wear when I'm out and about in the smog.


Aly Goalen said...

Yes! Joan, I feel the same way. If I ever go out anywhere, I feel physically ill. I don't know about the pack thing, but I believe it. It's so sick! And not to mention depressing!

Evenstar said...

I'm sorry Joanie. Inversions in Utah are what I was most eager to leave behind when I moved. It's cloudy in Tucson today but the air is clear.

Sugarsmax said...

It is hard to get out of it, but twice this week the visibility got to be enough, 3 miles, and then 2 1/2 Special VFR, for you pilots. Up above the smog it was 58 degrees and clear. Under the less than 1000 feet thick layer it was cold. I'll take today's rain.

Seventh Child said...

Ugh, at least it rained!

Julie said...

Yikes! Are you sure you don't want to move to Texas? There aren't any mountains to climb, but the air and the weather are usually nice!

Grace Rich said...

I was trying to not drive and I decided to ride my bike around for errands and ended up coughing for hours after. it's a dilemma ... drive your car and contribute to the smog or ride my bike and sacrifice my lungs .... maybe next time I'll just do it with a gas mask!