Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love at first sight

Love at first sight: Cupid and Psyche

I first saw Cupid and Psyche or Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss during an Art history class in college. It was printed in my text book under neo-classical art out of Italy the copy wasn't very good but I opened my book so many times to admire it that soon my text book opened automatically to that page. At the end of the semester poverty forced me to sell the book back. This was before the dawn of google image search and I was worried if I didn't get a copy of the page of my book I'd never see it again. I photocopied the picture right out of the text book and put it in my journal for safe keeping. I loved everything about it. I loved the intimate pose of the lovers and the beautiful lines Cupid's wings made as Psyche reached her arms untoward him. In 2004 I was backpacking through Europe. I literally stumbled across the statue in the Louve. I was elated. I thought it was in the Hermitage in St. Peattersburg but after a little research realized that the original is in the Louve and the 2nd copy the artist did which is slightly different, depicting Psyche with butterfly wings, is in Russia. When I was getting married and out shopping for wedding dresses I found a miniature of this statue. I bought it on the spot and it sits on my dresser. If we ever make it to millionaire status I want to buy a life size replica and put in in our marble entry way. Until then the little one on my dresser suffices. In any case it was love at first sight.

Love at first sight: Opera

I still remember going to the Marriage of Figaro when I was seven at the Orpheum theater in Omaha Nebraska. My parents poor students bought us tickets in the uppermost balcony. I sat at the edge of my seat the entire performance. The opera was in Italian of course which didn't bother me a bit. I can't remember if I could read the super titles or not, all I remember is falling immediately in love with opera. I knew from the first time Susanna came on stage that I wanted to be an opera singer. I loved the costumes, the orchestra sitting in the pit, the lights but mostly the singing. I wanted to be able to sing like that. So when I got to college I enrolled as an opera major. My 2nd year of college I was offered a roll in an opera - The marriage of Figaro! As I continued to study I realized while I wanted to be able to sing opera I didn't actually want a career as an opera singer. Some of my opera college friends have gone on to have amazing careers and I'm so proud of them. I still love going to the opera and since I moved to SLC in 2001 I haven't missed a single Utah Opera performance. Opera was a love at first sight that has definitely lasted.

I want to know what your loves at firs sight have been?


Sugarsmax said...

I am so glad we took you to the opera. From small and simple things come wonderful things.

Evenstar said...

Love at first bite. Me and Milka bars!

Kristine said...

It was great talking to you tonight. I love having "music friends" (that are normal too)! They are hard to find. That sounds rude...what is normal?? I don't know. I will never forget Marriage of Figaro at SUU. Oh the drama off stage! Those days with Opera nazi were hillarious.

footballcrucible said...

Maybe one day we'll have a full size marble statue.

LW said...

I love the Cupid and Psyche statue too! I saw it at the Louvre and it was my favorite piece of art. So romantic and soooo gorgeous. I hope you get that life-sized replica someday.