Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm a dork.

I think some people blog so that all the world (the blogging world) will know how cool they are. This is not my goal. I gave up being cool on the blog the first time I posted pictures of Spencer and I dressed up in strange football attire. Cool people spend their Sunday afternoons doing much cooler things like going to parties or something. Yes I lean toward the non cool side and here is proof.

The other month I went for sushi with a long time friend Jim. Jim and I have been eating sushi together for years. My husband has come on occasion but everything about sushi grosses him out so I leave him at home most of the time.

At the end of the meal I realized that my wallet was in another purse. I assured Jim I wasn't dodging the bill. I didn't want Jim to be stuck with it so I scrambled for other options. Luckily I found my check book but no amount of digging yielded my missing wallet or I.D. I figured Jim was more likely to accept a check minus I.D. than the Mikado. So I wrote him one for my half of the meal and then some.

Now here comes the dork part: Instead of writing the check for the $24 I owed Jim I wrote TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND. I wrote it out. I wrote the word thousand on a check. Now least you think that I always do this I don't. Only once in my life have I written thousand on a check and that was for a car.

Jim, trusting me took the check and only later realized my mistake. Now it is a good thing that Jim and I are such good friends. What if I'd written it to someone who likes me less? I assure you a check for $24,000 would never have cleared my savings account. But still this is not a mistake I can afford to make. So least you read my blog and get some false impression of my coolness level...let me assure you that I do the craziest things.


footballcrucible said...

Dork or not I like the new lay out of your blog.

Kira Joy said...

Oh my gosh! How horrible and funny! Whenever I am actually writing the words on a check for the amount, I always mess it up...but it is usually because I write "dollars" before I am supposed to...not because I write "thousand." But it makes for a good story!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...yours is really cute...and I always love to hear from teachers (I'll be teaching high school next year...I am stoked and totally nervous!)

Aly Goalen said...

haha. Wow that must have been some sushi! That's funny.

Evenstar said...

Don't worry about it, Joanie. Cool is just a setting on the washing machine.