Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Beard

Spencer's been growing a beard for a few weeks now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have been meaning to blog about it for a while now and I'm finally getting around to it. I have to give most of the inspirational credit for interview style to my friend Jaz and creator of one of my favorite blogs American Dresdner. Apparently her husband has also been growing out the fur and she did the cutest interview with him about it. It inspired me to do my own.
The interview:
Riddle: How long has it been since you've shaved?
Bearded one: Longer than I'd like to remember.
Riddle: How often does the urge come to grab your raiser?
Bearded one: 4 or 5 times a day.
Riddle: This is the longest time you have ever gone since you shaved correct?
Bearded one: Yeah
Riddle: Do you think you would ever do it again?
Bearded one: Well I am married to Joan (me, the author)
Riddle: How much money would it take if someone wanted you to keep wearing the beard?
Bearded one: For how long?
Riddle: Let's say till I leave for Germany this summer.
Bearded one: $200
Riddle: So would you say that your beard is purely a token of love for the writer of this blog?
Bearded one: Yes

Riddle: Do you feel you are treated differently with a beard then without?
Bearded one: By some people yes.
Riddle: Can you name some examples?
Bearded one: People down at work. My family. They touch my face more. It annoys me.
Riddle: Is it negative?
Bearded one: somewhat. Looks. Comments. Touching. (acts akward)
Riddle: Do you identify more with bearded men now that you have a beard?
Bearded one: Yes.
Riddle: Who for example?
Bearded one. Just bearded men in general.
Riddle: Do you feel that having a beard makes you more masculine in a lumber jack sort of way?
Bearded one: Yes, it just looks more masculine.
Riddle: Can you tell that your wife/author of this blog is very attracted to you with the beard?
Bearded one: Oh yes very much so.

Riddle: If you could change one thing about your beard (excluding shaving it) what would it be?
Bearded one: Trimming it so it doesn't get in my nose or mouth.
Riddle: Why did you grow a beard in the first place.
Bearded one: Because you wanted me too.
Riddle: We are still friends right?
Bearded one: laughs. "yeah"
Riddle: For the readers thinking of following suite and growing a beard can you tell us the pro's about having a beard?
Bearded one: Their are no pro's
Riddle: Come on, Spencer work with me!
Bearded one: Are you done asking me questions?
Riddle: Okay fine. Any last words.
Bearded one: No unless you want the con's.
Riddle: Okay fine!
Bearded one: It itches, it gets in my nose, I'll shave it and break out, and word of advice for all 3 of your blog readers. Don't try this at home. Okay see you I"m going to shave off my beard.


Kate said...

Joanie, have Spencer to come down, so that we can see it!

Evenstar said...

I've heard that beards keep your face warm in the winter.

tilaloz said...

Spencer, Just make sure you scratch Joanie with your beard when you kiss her and she won't make you grow it out again.

Elise said...

Hey how long does a beard have to be before it stops scratching people when they touch it?

jake said...

Welcome to the league, Spencer.

JEM said...

I've been thinking how interesting it is that when I was a teenager, the thought of being with a fully bearded man would have freaked/grossed me out, but now that I am a mature woman, I find it totally sexy. What is it? The estrogen? Does this fascination come with hips? I'm glad we're on the same page, at any rate.