Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week One

I never knew. I never had any idea. Before I married Spencer I had no idea the excitement and energy that went into football. It’s like a religion. I’d heard people talk about football weather. (Fall right?) I knew they had helmets and shoulder pads.

Basically I was clueless to everything concerning football. The only words I know were:

1. Quarterback:
(important player)
2. Linebackers:
(the big guys’ right?)
3. Cheerleaders:
(little skirts big smiles)
4. Touchdown: (points)
5. End zone:
(where the touchdown happens…I think)
6. Offense:
(something to do with football)
7. Defense: (opponents of the offense)

I had no idea when football season began and ended. I heard people talk about the super bowl but yawn yawn yawn SO many better things to do on a Sunday.

Then I got married to a man who is OBSESSED with football. Slowly he began teaching me. His favorite story before we were married is when he was explaining bye-week to me and I said “They have to BUY a week?” Amazingly enough he didn’t give up.

Slowly I began to catch on. Now I can name all the positions on the football team. I know what 2nd and Goal means and how exciting that point is in the game. I know what 1st down is, and that 4th down is a bad place to be if you haven’t scored a touchdown and aren’t in field goal range. I know what the QuarterBack does and what it means when he is sacked. If this happens then it’s possible to have 2nd and 17 (for example).

I know that special teams kick field goals and punts the ball to the other team after the offense fails to reach the 1st down. Field Goals are worth 3 points as opposed to that other time during the game when the ball gets kicked. That is just the extra point option after the touch down. I can define so many more special terms like: line of scrimmage, running back, fullback, tight end, linebackers etc.

So do I love it? It is growing on me. I can see why people love it. And when we just watched the Bronco’s game I admit the last 4 minutes were pretty exciting as Denver kicked a field goal with no time on the clock to gain a 1 point lead over the Buffalo Bills. WOW!! Of course I wasn’t as excited as Spencer who was writhing around on the floor yelling and slamming his fist down.

So now having survived one very exciting Sunday and one Thursday night my verdict is: it is kind of fun. I’m not sure I would watch it on my own, but I’m glad to watch it with my sweet husband and share in one of his many obsessions. What do you think Dad? Did you ever think it possible?


mapgeeek said...

I'm very proud of my wife for writing this without any input. She's come a long way. Soon she'll be picking games and playing fantasy football.

woodstrider said...

Sounds like you have learned a lot about football AND marriage. Marriage is always a give and take proposition. Keep 'em comin!

Arwen said...

Oh, Joanie. *sobs incoherently*

heidikins said...

So, does this mean that MapGeek will become as proficient at the new fall clothing line as you are at describing a football game? After all, it seems only fair. ;o)