Thursday, September 13, 2007

German Class

I just got out of my last class. I teach high school German on Tuesday and Thursday's. I love the school where I teach and the subjects I teach. I also teach Choir. These are two of my passions in life and then I get to share them with America's young. Can you imagine anything better in life?

Most people grimace when they think of teaching high school. They don't have my students! My students are wonderful! Here is a run thorough of my day today and how my students react to learning.


German I

Reviewed get to know you questions, how old are you? Where do you live? Etc.

Reviewed numbers.

Reviewed the alphabet

Introduced days of the week.

THEN they asked if I would teach them seasons and months.

After I taught them that they wanted to know if I would teach them all the holidays.

How often do students REQUEST to be taught! Give us more give us more Were not bricks in the wall!

German II

My students did their Doppelgänger projects today. They were really quite creative. One student did a video presentation pretending that his Doppelgänger was his shadow. Most students did power points.

German III

This class only has four students. We speak 90 percent of the time in German and if I slip and say something in English they remind me to say it in German. These students study on their own. They buy German grammar books and come to class with lists of questions prepaired. I've never seen anything like it both as a student or as a teacher.

Now these students aren't Mr. Harvard uptight nerd. The students in my German classes are very NORMAL they don't always do their homework, they aren't always quiet when I'm teaching a new concept but for the most part they do have the right paradigm which enables them to learn. They WANT to learn German. They want to become fluent. It is inspiring.

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Arwen said...


I wish I had had a teacher like you in high school. And that my fellow students had been like your German 3 students.