Sunday, April 6, 2008

German Summer 2008

Last week I bought a solo round trip ticket to Berlin. Yes that is right. I entered in my card number for well over a thousand dollars and clicked send. After it took my money the trip trip calculator informed me that I would be gone 38 days and 37 nights and that I would transfer planes 3 times before I reached my destination.

How did this happen? Flashback to February when I applied for a program designed to help German teachers improve their teaching chops. The program takes place in July in the beautiful city of Leipzig Germany. I didn't really think I'd make it but I did. They informed me that I'd been selected to participate in the program. I'll spend all of July taking classes at the University of Leipzig founded in 1402 and at the end I'll be an alumni with lots of other famous Germans including: Goethe (author) Nietzsche (philosopher) Angela Merkel (chancellor of Germany) and Wagner (composer.)

The program is specifically designed for German teachers so all of our classes will be conducted in German studying the different methodologies. All I have to pay for is my ticket and dinner each night the rest is included in the cost of the scholarship.

It all seems surreal. I've told a handful of you and every one's first question is: Is Spencer coming? The answer is no. I bought just one round trip ticket. Spencer is staying home in Salt Lake City. Then everyone gives me a really sad look like "How could you leave your husband you are still newlyweds." and I admit it is sad. I will really miss him, but we just couldn't shell out even more money for him to come. Plus his brother Eric is so happy I'm leaving now he can play basketball every night.

I wont be alone. In fact won't miss Spencer half as much as I would have because one of my best friends Megan is coming with me! Yahoo! Yes that is right. I'm going to be spending the summer in Europe with my best friend and we are both ditching our husbands at home. Who does that? Who do we think we are? I'm so excited!Megan (above in Yellow) teaches German in Virginia and luckily was also accepted into the program. (Does that mean everyone was accepted.) We've been best friends for 8 years now since we met in the MTC. (missionary training center) Megan and I hit it off right away and consequently the MTC was one of the best parts of our lives. Then we both went on Missions to Leipzig. We dreamed that we would be companions but alas it never happened. apparently I hadn't given up on the idea. I convinced Megan to apply and now finally we will be companions. well...sort of...we be together all the time...except we don't have to walk around asking the Germans if they believe in God, and we can leave the district with out asking permission. We have a dozen excisions already planned.

So that is the story. Like I said it is all sinking in. I'm very excited.


Aaron and Lisa said...

Lucky! That will probably be even more fun than the study abroad thing I did in Kiel, especially since it's in Leipzsch.
The two of you will have to go to the Strassenausstellung and make some shy Elders nervous.
Be sure to go to Alladin's and grab a Doener for me.

Tom said...

So lucky! Liepzig is a very pretty city, that I didn't get to spend nearly enough time in.

Kate said...

Man, it's unfair that this will be like your forth time going, while Daniel and I have never been once!

Arwen said...

That is so great! You have all the luck Joanie. Maybe you can bring back more Milka bars. :)

Jennie said...

What a great opportunity. Morgan left me to go to Argentina for three weeks for an internship years ago. It was hard to be apart but so worth the experience. You'll have a great time.

Aly Goalen said...

Oh my word. How exciting! That's really great Joanie. I'm excited to hear about your European adventures. And 38 days will go by faster than you think.

Annie and Jake said...


That sounds like alot of fun. My wife is going home ot Maryland for about a week.. I thought that was going to be bad... Sorry Spencer...find a hobby...a meaningful one.
Leipzig! That is so cool! I took Annie back there about a year ago. It was a pretty fun experience, but there just wasn't time to really immerse in it again. We walked form town to where we used to live in Lindenau (through parks) that was pretty neat. We used to ATAP all through there... you'll be right next to it!! Magical memories, absolutely magical!! FUn that you'll get to do it with Megan. Its fun to drop in on your blog now and again.

Take care


The UnMighty said...

Blah, blah, blah. You think you're so cool because you're going to Germany. Whatever.

footballcrucible said...

If you look on my blog you can see what I'm doing while you're gone! =)

Michemily said...

1409. I know, because I'm graduating the year of the 600th anniversary! Wahoo! So now I'm reading your Leipzig posts. I wonder if Jule knows that you have that picture of her. It's a good one. She lives in L├╝beck now. So I actually met you once, I'm now realizing. Sorry if I'm really slow.