Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spencer and I once had a brilliant idea to re-do our bathroom. It was old and run down. The light fixture was brittle and had countless coats of paint and dust. Behind the light fixture the paint on the wall had completely peeled and warped. The paint job on the walls done by the previous manager was very sloppy. The mirror was scratched and never clean despite how hard I scrubbed.

Now we don't own this apartment and didn't want to dump a lot of money into it but because we are the managers the owner gave us the go ahead to paint and bought us a new mirror.

We had a lot of fun redoing the bathroom but it wasn't all fun and games. There were defiantly some ups and downs. For example I picked a beautiful sage green to cover the walls. We started painting and it was PUKE green. Spencer always teases me how much I love avocados. Unfortunately my love of Avocados inspired the paint.

We bought some beautiful blue to fix it.
We added lots of little details like:
new handles on the drawers
new switch
new towel ring

I painted too...but

It was Many more hours than I anticipated but in the end I think it is worth it.


Arwen said...

I thought you were going with an orange and blue Denver Broncos theme in your apartment. But seriously, it looks good. Jani likes the blue.

footballcrucible said...

It's just the beginning of our lifelong remodeling quest...

Aly Goalen said...

That look so good! I love it. I bet you keep walking by to admire your beautiful work. I would!

Tom Quinn. said...

You're very lucky.
We're taking care of my grandma's house until it's sold. My wife's favorite part of the house is the carpeted bathrooms. I know what you're thinking. "It must be nice to have warm bathroom floors." Well yes it is nice to have a warm, moist and musky bathroom. So nice in fact, that we can't wait to leave.

Kate said...

Great job Joanie!
It does look a lot better than it did.