Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mariah: The princes of pink.

I have a little niece.
Her name is Mariah.
Her favorite colors is pink.
She is a princess.

I have a little sister.
Her name is Jani.
Her favorite color is blue.
She HATES the color pink.
She is the Mom.

From what I understand Jani tried to persuade tiny Mariah that BLUE was her favorite color.
"No it is pink!" was always the response.

But Jani being a wise mother, decided to pick her battles. (Stay tuned for the pierced ears battle in 10 years.) Jani went all out and threw Mariah the best pink birthday party to celebrate her 3rd birthday. We had pink cake with purple frosting, and pink(ish) corned beef, and pink mashed potatoes. I don't know how Jani stood it but she did great!

Here is Mariah helping me make the cake.

I know you are thinking that I should have frosted the cake myself. (sadly I did)

Then came presents. Jani (advocate of Blue) got Mariah this pretty pink dress:

And this one!
It was wonderful. A while after we'd sent Mariah to bed we found out that instead of putting on her pj's she changed back into the princess pink dress. Luckily Jani managed to convince her that princess didn't sleep in their dresses, they had to save them for the ball.


Riddle's in the dark said...

soooo cute

Arwen said...

So cute. There is no way Jani will ever let her girls get their ears pierced though.