Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deep in the heart of Mexico....Nogales

My co-worker Ben aka the unmighty a history teacher at my school once informed me that Los Angeles is really the capital of Mexico. Thus Nogales Mexico is deep in the heart of Mexico and not a trashy border town like most would think.

We decided to explore this land called Mexico and see what all the fuss was about. We journeyed 45 minutes south leaving our plush house and clean bathroom facilities behind us. We opted to park on the U.S. side and walk across the border.

We learned several things:

1. Everyone who goes to Mexico needs to purchase local crap so as to support the natives so they can make enough money to sneak across the border. The local venders can explain this to you in plain English.

2. It is offensive if someone has a perfectly good donkey and you pass up a picture opportunity because you don't want to pay $5. If you do this the Donkey's ego will be ruined and he will refuse to do night drug runs.

3. Mexico is not stroller friendly. Mexican baby's are born walking. They feel American strollers for American children only perpetuate the American lifestyle of luxury and the mindset of letting someone else do the hard work.

4. LA is not really the capital of Mexico. I accidentally made the mistake of saying that it was and We were instantly surrounded by mean looking men who proved even meaner when they took Spencer and put a knife to his throat until I wrote on the chalk board 50 times "Phoenix is the capital of Mexico."

5. They have really good soda that they don't sell in the U.S.

It was Spencer's first time in the land of the Mexicans. We might just stick to Phoenix for now on.

Good thing we had their birth certificates with us. They almost didn't let this little brown boy back over the border. We might have had to sneak him out. Don't worry we would have just stuck him on the train that night. It goes strait past his house and the immigrants vacation that way all the time.


Kate said...

But Joanie where is Eden?

Arwen said...

Ha! Now you see why I didn't want to go with you. BTW, if you had left Emmett, there would be no forgiveness.

The UnMighty said...

Congratulations! You win the "Blog With The Most Racial Slurs" award!
The prize? A trip for two to beautiful Tijuana.

Tom Quinn. said...

I enjoyed your blog- very funny.

Maygan said...

Is that a Manzana Lift soda I spot in a young childs hands?? BEST FREAKING SODA EVER.

Also. Mexico is fantastic! I miss it! :D