Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuscon: Pima Air & Space Museum

Last week Spencer and I visited my beautiful sister Jani and her family in Tuscon AZ. It was so much fun. I'll do a few different entry's about our trip. The first one was our trip to the Pima Air & Space Museum which I found fascinating. Proof once again that I come from a long line of Nerds with the recent version of nerd being "aviation nerd". We saw lots of cool stuff like this WWI German plane I convinced Spencer to stand by. (2 days later Jani cut his hair.)

We also found a few of Dr. Susses' planes and his bug like helicopters.
Their were lots of planes. Marshall liked this one.

I named the white one in the back ground "Moby Dick with Wings"

Eventually Spencer times out of having me take his picture.

Here is my little sister with her THREE children. I have ZERO! I love her very much! And have always looked up to her as an example.

I might let her be in charge of having all the grand kids because you don't get any cuter than Emmett (4) and Mariah (3).

Stay tuned for our trip to Nogales deep in the heart of Mexico.


Arwen said...

Looks like you had fun. I wish I could have gone with you!

Kate said...

So, Joanie when are you going to have a kid?

The UnMighty said...

Before I read your blog, I had little, if any, interest in aviation. But I have to admit, I was riveted.
Thank you.

Marilyn said...

Yikes, I am in Oma withdrawal. I want to go to the Pima Air and Space Museum with the grandkids. Thanks for posting all the pictures. I hope you don't get shot by any Mexicans who think you blog on Nogales is racist.