Monday, March 24, 2008

A blog is born...

I've been blogging for almost a year now. I started as a way to improve my creative writing skills. I feel like I've been able to get a little better and it is fun to have a creative outlet. It is also very fun to see who reads my blog and your comments.

So for all devoted readers of the life of the riddle (all 7 of you) that can't get enough of me (I'm not sure that anyone fits into that category) now have a change to read my husband's blog and get a different perspective of my life experiences other than mine.

Last week my little 4 year old cousin Joe asked "Does Spencer ever talk?" He is rather shy in social situations but yes he does talk and now he has started talking to the whole Internet! He has only one entry for now but save the link I can assure you great things are to come. Make sure to comment that will get him really excited!

This is what I expect from Spencer's blog:

More details on his obsessions
Facts and opinions about Football
Facts about biking
Great deals on out door equipment
Poems and sonnets to his wife.

So of any of those topics interest you then visit football crucible. If not please spend your time more wisely on the internet.


Arwen said...

I guess I'll check it out!

Kate said...

Joanie, when are you going to post the pictures of your trip to the Harts?

The Morton's said...

I am having a shower this weekend in Utah if you want to come let me know!