Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 3 Audi Adventure....Vienna and Salzburg

In case it hasn't been clear this Audi adventure included Me, Spencer and Spencer's best friend Michael who is studying Law in Germany. (Jake and Jaz took the train back to Dresden from Prague) I am almost pron to include our Navigational system as the forth person along.

Our "Navi" knew EVERYTHING from the best restaurants to where every Audi dealership was and she displayed it along with a map in the dashboard at all times. She had a sexy voice and said things like. "Nach dreisig kilometer bitte abwenden" "In 30 kilometers please turn."

She SAVED us driving across the Check Republic. You would think 2 major European Capitals like Vienna and Prague would be connected by some sort of autobahn, but no. We wound through little run down check town after little run down check town. It was foggy and dark and without our Navi all of us would have been a little more cautious and irritable. They only had signs telling confirming we were indeed headed to Vienna every 150 kilometers or something.

We stayed in a youth hostel that night. We were so late in coming that the woman left the key in the flower pot and told us we could pay in the morning. We were the ONLY people in the hostel. That was 10% creepy and 90% awesome.

The next day (day 3) we drove into Vienna. It was COLD. Much colder than anywhere in Germany had been. After 5 minutes of walking on the street we jumped on one of Vienna's many sight seeing buses and saw the whole city riding on a double decker with headphones tuned to the English Channel.

I don't have any pictures of Vienna because it was so cold!

Afterward we drove to Salzburg. I really wish I had taken pictures because Salzburg was just as beautiful as it always is and more so because it was still decorated for Christmas. Salzburg is a narrow city carved into surrounding cliffs. They had hung lights between all the buildings which gave the feeling that you were walking through a tunnel of light.

A word of advice to European travelers. In my opinion you can skip Wien (Vienna) and spend your time in Salzburg.


Arwen said...

Reading your blog makes me want to visit Europe. Maybe someday . . . said...

Ooooh, I so want to go to Germany now!! Must live vicariously through you for a bit... sigh.

Gorgeous photos! Love it!