Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 2 Audi Adventure,,,,Prague!

We convinced our wonderful Friends Jake and Jaz who were SO nice to let us stay accompany us to Prague in the Morning.

I'd never done the drive from Prague to Dresden in a car. You can tell an immediate difference once you cross the border into the Check Republic. It's like driving from the USA into Mexico. Buildings are run down and the roads are not as good.

What is different than Mexico is that you still see castles and fortresses left over from Europe's empire days carved out into cliffs and picturesquely set onto mountain tops. We drove our Audi right into Prague.

Prague is one of the coolest European Capitals. (My all time favorite is Budapest.) Unlike Vienna, or London or even Berlin you can really see most of the cool old parts of Prague doing your own self guided walking tour. It was my 4rd time in the glorious city.

Prague has drastically changed since the first time I visited in 1990 just after the wall fell. Then Prague was a dark city with a medieval feel. They sold Chrystal to all of the tourists and NO ONE spoke English. Now Nike shops and American sports bars flavor the sidewalks making it feel like the rest of Europe.

However, we still didn't feel safe leaving our Audi on the streets. Cars get stripped in the Check Republic and end up in the Ukraine with no tires...or so we hear. We didn't want to risk it.

So after a day of sight seeing we headed down to Vienna.
One of the best parts was that they still had their Christmas markets up. Christmas Market's are such a wonderful European tradition and it warrants its own entry. This is in Prague's main square with Spencer and his best friend Michael. They are more like brothers than best friends. This is a cool old clock in the square. Tourists gather in herds to watch the time change.


Arwen said...

I'm glad you are finally posting about your trip Joanie! I look forward to reading more!

The Morton's said...

You are so so lucky. I am oh so envious! We miss it tremendously. Hopefully we will get back sooner than later.