Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 1 Audi adventure!

After we left Heinz in his well insulated house things got much better. No digging just gallivanting through Europe. We rented a car in Hanover. It was a sweet ride. They upgraded us to an Audi A6 with this awesome navigational system.

We tested its limits on the autobahn. I've been called a speed daemon in my day so I can just tell you that the Autobahn is my new favorite place to drive. Not only do they have no speed limits but people realize that you can't drive slow in the left lane. Very few people in Utah realize this. Germans MOVE OVER when you want to pass. Americana's don't.


We cruised at 140 miles an hour over to Leipzig where we had our first Doner's of trip and bought all the Pixar movies in German.

Doner's YUMMM! Spencer in the Tomas Kirche. A kiss in front of Goethe. (He wrote Faust)

Ah Leipzig, I do love you but you are nothing to Dresden where our friends were waiting. On to Dresden. AKA the Florence of Germany.

Dresden was totally destroyed in the War, actually AFTER the war was over. The Communists rebuilt some, but not all. I was very excited to see the Frauen Kirche (Women's Church) rebuilt. The commies couldn't be bothered to rebuild churches. Just palaces. We wandered around Dresden at night. Then our wonderful American friends living in Dresden put us up for the night. This was VERY nice of them. You can read all about thier apartment on Jaz's blog American Dresdener. See link on side of my page.

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Arwen said...

Great pictures Joanie! I am glad you had so much fun! Did you visit the Christmas market?