Monday, October 10, 2011

How I spend my Money

I'm a pretty thrifty gal, but I could blow ALL of my money framing art work.

I love going to the custom frame shop and picking mats, frames, and glass.  I love how a certain frame or color can make a piece pop.

Here is what I brought home from the frame shop last month:

It is called Ode de Cologne by Geoffry Wharton.  I first saw the print at music conference I attended in Tuscon two years ago.  I scribbled the name down and Google informed me that I could buy it from All posters for $30 - OR I could buy it directly from the artist for 9 euro.  I emailed Geoff (he is a professional musician in Cologne) and had him ship it to my father-in-law's house in Germany.  We picked it up on our March trip to Germany.

The Cologne Cathedral is Germany's most famous Cathedral and dominates the cities sky line.  The artist outlined the famous German landmark on orchestral staff paper with musical notation.  It is unique and beautiful and I knew I had to have it the minute I saw it.

I chose a dark brown frame and a frame insert with rounded nobs similar to the intricate notes on the staff paper.  It makes the notes really stand out.  Also I chose no glass and instead had them texture it.  Glass often darkens and adds unneeded cost.

The actual Cathedral
The famous spires

When I picked it up from the frame shop the girl said "Oh we liked this one!" Apparently they frequently frame the same 5 pieces so variety is a novelty.   It is now adding a touch of class to my living room.  I'm hoping it counter balances out the fact that I"m using my Grandmothers old (but relatively nice) couch.

The artists web site is here.  Have you ever seen a piece of Art and it was love at first sight?


Evenstar said...

It is probably a complete cliche on my part but I love Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Nancy K. said...

I guarantee that in Salt Lake City, one of those five pieces is Washington before the Battle of Valley Forge. I swear that print was in 90% of the houses I went into when I was a missionary there. Love your print. Love that it is not George Washington. Love Jesus, but love that it is not a print of Jesus. Love you.

Oma said...

When you were a baby we lived in Jackson hole. We went to an art gallery and saw a genuine oil painting of a small cabin in the forest in a snow storm. I loved it, but it was $400, which in 1979, was more than a fortune for 2 poor college students with 1 baby and 1 on the way. I still remember it. Maybe if I searched I could find a print. Maybe the artist became famous.

vailian said...

Thanks for the nice remarks on my poster!