Sunday, September 19, 2010

Senior Recital

I thought it was lost.  I tried never to think about it because if I did sorrow would over whelm me.  I simply could not think about the fact that I lost the only copy of my senior recital.  It was so upsetting that I would daydream of going back in time and making more copies of the CD or of getting my voice back in shape and doing another one.  (yeah right!)

Every music performance major has to do a senior recital.  Basically you memorize lots of songs in lots of different languages, you rehearse and rehearse till you have everything totally memorized, then you keep rehearsing because there are all kinds of "what if's"  i.e.  What if I forget the words?  What if my pianist forgets to bring music?  What if my teeth get dry any my upper lip stick to them? (stay hydrated)  What if I loose my voice?  It is a stressful thing and fulfilling at the same time.

You make posters and invite all your friends.  Your family comes, and your mom is gushing.  In this case my Dad is an amazing singer so he and I did some Schubert duets for the German section of my recital.   You provide treats afterward for all the friends who came.  You are graded.  (I think I got an A.)

Bottom Line:  You have spent years preparing for this.  If you don't do it you don't graduate.

Most people's parent come with video camera's.  My parents have never really been into that.  I have to agree with them.  Who wants to watch video's of your first dance recital.  Do we every go back and re-watch?  So I didn't insist on having a video camera although now looking back I do wish some one had video recorded  just this one performance.

The School of music makes an audio recording and gives it as a gift to you (kind of like you have paid us $$,$$$ in tuition and we will give you a token gift.)  Most people make lots of copies for their friends and family, but I've never been like that. If you didn't come you didn't see it.  I made two copies: One for my Mom, and one for my Grandparents in Denver who couldn't make the drive.

My Mom lost her copy, and my grandparents: they don't know where it is either.  I had lent my copy out to an ex-boyfriend in 2005 who I thought had kept it.  I've been cursing his name ever since.   He swore he'd returned it, but I looked high and low and couldn't find it.

The years ticked on and the precious CD never surfaced.  I pictured telling my children, "Your Mom used to be a pretty decent singer, but you are just going to have to take my word for it."  Sigh.  Like I said I tried not to think about it.  

But then low and behold Miracle of all miracles TODAY as I was cleaning out my spare bedroom I found another copy.  JOY!  RAPTURE!  TEARS!  WONDER OF WONDER!

I don't sing much anymore.  I mean I sing CONSTANTLY in class for my students, and I sing with Dr. Allred as a choir girl.  But being a soloist isn't something I decided to pursue (no regrets I like teaching better) so the chances of me ever doing another recital are slim.  I'm so glad I found this one.  And now  can finally stop cursing that ex of mine.


Kristin said...

when do I get to watch this recital????
(and yes I am being serious, if I want claim being one of your best friends I better watch it!)

Evenstar said...

Okay! I assume you immediately made more backup copies, both CD and digital, correct? I would like a copy of your senior recital.

Jani said...

Yay! I am so happy! Can you email me a copy of it? I think the kids would love to listen to it.

The Blind Spot said...

Ich will auch eine CD!!! Du siehst so schön aus in dem goldenen Kleid!

Sugarsmax said...

Okay, I want a least 5 copies, one for the car, and one for the bedroom, and one for work, and one for the kitchen, and one as a backup.

The Morton's said...

You have been cursing his name as long as I have known you;)