Monday, September 6, 2010

More pics from the Oregon coast.

And now some more pictures of our biking along the coast trip. 
We really fell in love with the Oregon coast.  Especially biking it. 
I think you can see why we like it. 
This was the Devil's Punch bowl.  It was a fun distraction from biking. 
We took a billion pictures.
We had a great view of the tide coming in. 
But luckily it was low when we went.  So we got to see all the great tide pools. 

We also really liked the Sea Lion Caves. 
We watched the Sea Lions playing and lying around. 
And we dragged our "kids" to the Tillamook cheese factory.  They wanted to stay in the car and read their books instead.
But everyone got happy once they handed out free samples.
And we all were really happy when Spencer bought us all ice cream. 


Evenstar said...

I'm so glad that you took Daniel and Kate on this trip. Now we won't have to listen to them whine that they never get to do anything fun!

The Kyles said...

So cool Joanie! I am totally jealous!

Gardener said...

Thank you for commenting on our blog so I could find yours. When our computer died I lost them all. Glad you all had fun. We've done Astoria to Cannon Beach; now we need to head south...any tips???