Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day one of the Oregon Coast

Once we headed to the Oregon coast the adventure didn't stop.  Our first destination was Astoria home of the "Goonies" btw-Astoria is not in any danger of having a golf course built anywhere near it.  Its hilly streets rival San Francisco. 

The famous Astoria column

Better view.  It reminded me of things I'd seen in Europe.  

We climbed all the stairs.  

From the top you could see as far as the fog.  
Which was a great view of the mighty Columbia entering the Pacific. 

From Astoria we headed to a very cool shipwreck in Fort Stevens State Park

After exploring around outside we climbed inside 
and pretended it was our personal photo shoot.

This ship crashed near the start of the 1900 century.  You can only access it at low tide. 
Having never lived near an ocean in my whole life the whole "times of the tides" are a little foggy to me.  It was just serendipity that we came at low tide.  It was VERY cool. 
That was the end of a the first beautiful day on the Oregon coast. 


Evenstar said...

Wow! I love those photos. It looks like y'all had a blast!

Sugarsmax said...

My favorite is the silhouette photos that make you look like part of the ship wreck. I think you should enter the one of Daniel in a contest. Wish I could have gone too.