Friday, August 13, 2010

Biking the Oregon coast

In July 2010 Spencer and I did a biking tour of the Oregon coast.  Well it was SUPPOSED to be an all biking tour, but with so many fun things to do along the coast we got a bit distracted.  Here are some of our distractions....

Day One:  The Drive featuring the Columbia River George

We stopped at the beautiful Multnoma falls in the Columbia River Gorge to break up
the 12 hour drive from Salt Lake City to Portland. 

Day 2: Portland and Nike

In Portland we got an awesome insiders tour of Nike Campus
from my cousin John (Nike's best computer programmer.)

Don't let Spenser's face fool you he LOVED Nike. 

Nike looks like a fun place to work.  The employees had all kinds of fun work distractions like: 
  1. A Rock Wall
  2. Golf Course
  3. Soccer field
  4.  Track
  5. Pools
  6. Volleyball nets
  7. Tennis courts
  8. Basketball courts
  9. Weight rooms
  10. Cafeteria where you frequently see famous athletes
  11. etc.  etc.  etc.

Enjoy the Nike Museum documenting how it all started with a waffle iron and a desire to make better running shoes that has turned into one of the biggest companies in the world. 
Cool Athlete stuff (Mostly cool for Spencer)

And of course if working out or visiting athletes shrines isn't what you have in mind for your lunch break, then stroll around the beautifully manicured lawns.  Enjoy lake Nike and pretty statues. 

Then came the best part.  John got us passes to the exclusive Employee store.  
I've always protested to be not a huge Nike fan, but the receipt proves otherwise.  
Joan's purchases:
  • Running Capri's (M)
  • Running Pants (M)
  • Running Capri's (S)
  • Running Pants (S)
  • Hey with all that running I"m sure I'll get down to a size (S)
  • Built in Sports Bra running Tank
  • Running shirt (short sleeve)
  • Running shirt (long sleeve)
  • Socks X4
Spencer's Nike Purchases:
  • World Cup Soccer shirt
  • Basketball Shirt
  • Socks X1
I should have restrained myself but everything was top of the line bran new and 50% cheaper than any store (even the Nike outlet in Park City which we frequent.) I sure now I won't have to buy work out clothes for years! 

From Portland we headed to the coast.  Stay tuned for more. 


Caprene said...

don't forget that you didn't have to pay tax so that's another almost 10% discount for you...

Stacy said...

We were on the Oregon Coast in July as well. It's on my blog at When were you there? We were there the 3rd and 4th. We live in Seattle, so Portland is only a 3 hour drive away from us.

Evenstar said...

Great pictures. I'm glad you are having a good time.