Thursday, March 11, 2010

It is HARD living with some one who hates you ...or.... how we got our first pet.

Who hates me?  I'll tell you...

 Nope not this guy.  This guy loves me. (Thank my lucky stars!)

Petie the family Bird does not love me.
He tolerates me.
He  respects my position as 'mate of the Alfa male'.
But he does not love me.
He loves Spencer. 

 Petie has mastered the art of looking innocent. 

Petie loves Spencer.  I could take it personally but I don't. (most of the time) I love when he shows his pretty wings. Spencer rescued Pete two years ago.  I was in Europe when all this happened.

Spencer saw a bird on the roof of a warehouse near his work.  He thought Petie was a pigeon at first but then saw his pretty colored face.  He climbed up on the roof and luckily Petie - worn out from being on the run - didn't try to fly away.  Spencer stuck him in a box and kept him in his office for a week.  Petie flew around pooping an anything he wanted during that week and took a real liking to Spencer's brother Eric.

Meanwhile Spencer was worried that some family was missing their pet Cockatiel so he made "Found Bird" posters and posted them all over.  Lots of people called wanting Petie for free but none knew Petie.  I joked from Europe that Spencer missed me so much he replaced me with a bird!

We ended up keeping Petie.  For the last two years we have been sharing our lives and occasionally our bed with Petie.  Like I said he LOVES Spencer and tolerates me.

 How do I know he doesn't love me?  I'll tell you.  When I try to pet him he does this: 

Here are some facts about Petie:

  • Sitting on Spencer's sholder
  • Whisteling to himself in the mirror (cute wolf whistle)
  • Sitting at the window looking out over the city
  • Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Lettice, Jalapenios and cucumbers
  • Spencer's brother Eric
  • Joanie trying to pet him
  • Anything that remotely looks like a snake ( tires)
  • Running water
  • Feather dusters (he FLIPPED out)
  • night time after 8:00 p.m. (he is an early bird)
  • the kitchen mirror (crash zone)
We never would have gotten a pet.  But there is something very comforting in knowing that we saved this cute little bird from what was bound to be a tough life on the street.  Poor Petie has no streetcred.  It is fun having a little bird crawl all over you and fly from one person to the other.  I used to make fun of couples that had a pet and treated it like there baby.  Now since this blog post is the closest I've ever come to a mom-blog I"m guilty as charged.

Like Father....
Like Son!


footballcrucible said...

Joanie I think you're hilarious!

Evenstar said...

I think this might be my favorite entry ever. Great pictures!

Angela said...

awh...don't worry someday you and petie will be friends. lol :O)

Stacy said...

I have all kinds of posts about my cats, so I'm much worse on substituting pet blog for mom-blog.

Seventh Child said...

Joanie, Petie doesn't just hate you, he's a sexist. Remember the day, Daniel and I were staying with you, I was feeding Petie and trying to make friends, the instant Daniel walks in the room he flys to his should. AUTOMATICALLY! (Though he did like Mom)

Nettina said...

so cute, I love it!!

Meg said...

I CAN'T believe you still have Petie! I vividly remember hearing about all the Petie shenanigans when we were living with Frau Struuuuube. That was one of the highlights of our evenings! (Of course it is hard to compete with the exciting Leipzig night life we took part in) Anyway, those are amazing pictures of Petie & I am glad that he is still around.

Sugarsmax said...

Very nice photos, but I still want my camera back.