Sunday, October 18, 2009

San Diego Vacation Fall 2009

My family decided last spring that come UEA weekend we were going to go to California and make a new starts. Well not exactly a new start although we did have a great time. We rented a house so we could have some family together time. It was cosy enough to have a few family squabbles but big enough to keep us all friends.

Day One: San Diego Zoo

Let's face it. This little bear is the star of the zoo.
She posed very prettily for us.

We also enjoyed the SkyFari ride.

Which gave us beautiful views of the zoo and city like this one!

And provided some great moments to smooch!

Much to the dismay of my little niece
who so graciously shared a skyfari car with us.

We loved the zoo!

Day Two: Sea World

(We shared this special moment with every other Mormon from Utah) Yep My siblings all saw friends from their Utah high school. The BYU shirts were everywhere. Still Sea World was relatively empty. We didn't have to wait it line and rode the Atlantis rollercoaster 5 times!

The speaker said great things like:
"The spirit of Atlantis will only speak
to you those who keep
their legs and arms inside the ride at all times."
- classic

You can tell we are from Utah because of our matchy matchy t-shirts.

Now everyone knows Shamu is the star of Sea World. But let me put in a good word for the trainers too. We kept wondering how much they paid them to stand on the nose of a Killer Whale and then dive like an acrobat into the relatively cold (55o water) What do you think? $80,000 or $150,000. How much would you do it for? Free? Remember they can kill you.
Spencer wanted to get in on some of the Shamu fame.

Day Three: Zoo (again) & the Beach

Sadly I forgot to charge my camera battery. The zoo was great and the beach was even better. The pacific was really warm and we swam like crazy. My athletic husband brought all kinds of beach games that required too much coordination for my uber nerdy family. Poor guy. I don't think he quite realized how nerdy we were. I'm afraid I'll dilute his perfect German blood.

Day Four: the USS Marriner and the BYU football game.

The USS Mariner is a retired Air Craft Carrier. This was fascinating for all the pilots in my family. They discussed different landing techniques and approaches and lots of other pilot jargon.
My mom the cute pilot.

Sadly no pictures of the BYU game either.
But was fun and BYU won. GO Cougars.
(even though I'm really more of a U fan. )

Now I"m back to work. Trying to recover from the cold. Spencer is taking good care of me.


Evenstar said...

Good times! I hope you feel better soon!

Angela said...

Looks so fun! I just love San Diego. It looks so warm too!

Seventh Child said...

It was great!

Sugarsmax said...

It is the Midway. A WWII carrier. Edit the name. I do not think that picture makes me look cute.