Sunday, October 18, 2009

How does one avoid getting sick?

I'm sick. Again. I'm. sick. again.

As I told my mother yesterday (doesn't everyone just want their Mom's when they are sick? even when you get 'old'?)

Mom: how are you feeling? -asked in a very tender loving motherly voice.
Me: "I feel awful. I can't breath out my ears." -said in a very sulky voice.
Mom: You can't breath out your ears? (laughing gently)
Me. No I can't....I mean I can't hear....but I can't breath either. Ahhhhggg!

I've realized that I get sick often. I don't know why. I eat okay. I exercise. I am RELIGIOUS about getting enough sleep. I wash my hands. I take vitamins. I've never smoked a day in my life.

Despite all this I have the worst immune system. I catch all germs with in a 50 mile radius. It is one of the reasons I decided not to become a professional opera singer. SO much pressure not to get sick. So instead of singing professionally I became a teacher (which I love more) I teach high school where I"m exposed to lots of germs. Although after 4 years teaching I would think I had built up some immunity. This is my 2nd cold this fall. I got sick on Friday right in the middle of my family's San Diego fall vacation. It was not fun. I was grouchy the rest of the trip, (sorry family.)

I just don't know what to do about it. I feel like I've had a cough my whole life. My sister thinks it is allergy induced asthma (who know it had a t?) and told me to go get tested by an allergy specialist. Every October I get a cold with a cough that lingers in various stages of severity till the next October comes and I get a fresh cough. I"m amazed I can even sing at all. This makes me so sad because I spent a good portion of my life training my voice.

This weekend I made the mistake of not bringing any cough drops or Kleenex's to California. Luckily their were some still lingering in the dark places of my purse from my last cough outbreak.

I could keep this to my self but I really want to know what I should do? Dear Internet please help me figure out how to avoid getting sick. I"m pretty much willing to do anything short of sporting a Michael Jackson surgical mask. I promise not to shake hands. I promise not to share drinks, chap stick or food (gross.) I just want to never get sick again. Help please help. Love the Sicky.

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Cal said...

A couple things you might want to try are a Neti Pot

And there is an herb that helps with immune function called Astragalus.

Who knows, maybe they will help...