Sunday, August 9, 2009

Double standards in my marriage.

Double Standard: It is okay for me to travel to conferences and go to Europe with a girlfriend for weeks on end. But I do not like it when my husband leaves.

I'm a pretty lucky girl as far as marriage goes. I would never have guessed that anything as crazy as my single years would end so well. THAT was a scary time of life! I barley made it out alive and fully intact. My exit from the single world to the married world was as smooth and seamless as my single life was not. Thanks to all friends who stood by me during those crazy days. Thanks to all ex-boyfriends who didn't marry me you were right it wouldn't have worked.

Married life with Spencer is well....Great. just great. We don't fight. I"m crazy about him. But I realize the scales are tipped in my favor. Spencer bends over backwards to make me happy. I try to do the same but I think he bends more.

I realized this last night as I slept alone. Yes alone. Spencer was up backpacking with his BFF in the mountains and I stayed home to give them some alone boy time to sing Kum ba ya and boy bonding. (I learned this morning that no singing took place)

In our two years of marriage this is the first time he has left me. Not the first time we've slept apart I can't even count the times I have left him for conferences, sleepovers with my sisters, and then that trip to Germany/Greece last summer.

I was really happy for him to have some BFF time. I had dinner ready when they came home today but I know I would never want him to leave any longer than one night. But somehow in my mind it is okay for me to leave on adventures. Yep. Double standard.


by aly goalen said...

Joanie, I totally agree. I've totally left more than Steve...probably because I get a little pout on my face whenever he tries to plan it. Marriage to nice guys is the best!

footballcrucible said...

Joanie one day I'll go visit all the central American countries. I'm just saving up the time away! I might go to Nepal too. We'll see....