Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not as cool as I said we would be.

Remember how I told you all that we were going to do an EPIC bike trip all along the Oregon coast? Remember how you all thought that was SO cool and pledged your life to reading this blog thereby letting some of this blog coolness spill over into your lives.

My most faithful readers opened Google reader or the life of the riddle url hoping to see pictures like this:

I am so sorry to disappoint all of you.

This is very difficult to say but....

We are not as cool as I said we would be.

I have to tell everyone that we are not that cool. Proof:
  • No pictures of us riding in the morning sunlight through a canopy of green trees.
  • No tour the cheese factory in Tillamook.
  • No lunch breaks at quaint little coastal light houses.
  • Not once did we ride off into the Oregon sunset.
  • No bulging calf muscles from all the roiling hills.


We canceled our trip to Oregon.

Why? Why would we avoid such a trip that would make us cool for at least 2 years to come?

This is why:
My entire family including my adorable nieces and nephew were all going to the family cabin in Montana the same week Oregon 2009 was planed. They kept talking about how much fun they were going to have. They kept sending pictures of my cute nieces. I started to doubt how much fun biking all day would be. Every time I got on Creamsicle I realized how much sitting on a bike seat is NOT as fun as it sounds. But then again Google Earth makes Oregon look beautiful. Also I was going to meet up with my high school friend Rachel whom I hadn't seen for 1o years! Still...I kept wavering until I finally said to Spencer. "I really think we should go to Montana instead of Oregon." I tempted him and he did partake.

So before you vow never again to read this blog let me tell you that we are planning on doing the Epic Oregon 2010 next summer. AND the trip to Montana did prove very blog worthy. I'll send some pictures along soon.

Sorry again to disappoint. No comments necessary. I know how you all feel.


Evenstar said...

Right. Of course. The ENTIRE family was in Montana this summer. This was no one missing at all. At least no one important.

theriddle said...
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Seventh Child said...

It was fun, but it would have been better with Arwen!

Kimberly said...

Life doesn't always work out the way we plan it to. This way you get to see your way cool family and train more for next year!

Sugarsmax said...

It was fun to be in Montana with you, but I missed Arwen.